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Makeup is a personal preference, and with parents’ approval, any teenager looking to try makeup should aim to achieve a particular look. Imagine you are comfortable enough to allow your teen to wear makeup. In that instance, they can start with age-appropriate makeup that is natural-looking, and you must teach them to apply it correctly. Here, we provide some age-appropriate beauty products and tips to help you choose the right product while also introducing a healthy makeup habit

Tinted Moisturisers Instead Of A Foundation

A heavy foundation is a big no-no. If your daughter’s skin still needs more coverage than a concealer can provide, she can apply a light tinted moisturiser to even out her skin tone and keep the coverage light and well blended. Ensure that the tinted moisturiser is oil-free because it is less likely to clog her pores.

Skin Prep With Natural Products

It’s essential to protect her skin from sun damage with an SPF of at least 15 and keep the skin clean and adequately hydrated. Go for natural facial skin prep products that don’t contain any questionable ingredients which may cause any damage to the skin. It will help her makeup go on more smoothly and naturally flawless.

Makeup Primer

Makeup primers provide light coverage and help herr makeup last longer throughout the day. You can even opt for a primer that includes a moisturiser, which allows her to skip applying a moisturiser.

A Concealer: If Necessary

Although it is common for teens to have breakouts, wearing makeup unnecessarily can harm the skin, so choose an oil-free colour-correcting concealer at this stage. If she has acne or some spots that you want to hide, she can dab concealer just on those spots and blend it with a clean brush. Use a little tinted moisturiser over it to blend onto the skin. A concealer is unnecessary; she should skip it if the face is clear.

Translucent Loose Powder

Set her face with an oil-absorbing translucent powder that won’t add much colour and coverage for her face to look natural. Apply with a fluffy brush to diffuse the powder, so her face doesn’t look cakey or powdery. Alternatively, you can skip the tinted moisturiser and opt for a powder foundation formula to set her concealer. It offers more coverage than a translucent powder but still light enough to look natural.

A Clear Gel For The Brows

There is absolutely no need to go over the top with brow fillers or pencils to get the perfect arch. Instead, use a clear gel with a brush to push her brows upwards to look neat. The gel will also help keep them in place, giving her a natural look. If she feels like her brows need some filling in, then swap the clear brow gel for a tinted one that matches her skin colour.

Soft Sheer Blush

Peach blushes tend to flatter the face for a little healthier look. A sheer, matte shade will complement her skin tone for a natural look. Dusk a little blush on her cheeks using an angle brush for easy application, and fade it across her cheekbone.

Clear And Tinted Lip Glosses

For a natural look, choose a shade similar to her natural lip colour. You want to keep her lips as natural-looking as possible. So go for a sheer lip gloss and tinted lip balm.
Avoid lip glosses and lipstick with a lot of glitter, shimmer, or colour. Opt for sheer pinks and peach shades if you must go a little bolder with her lip glosses.

Skip Eyeliners & Finish Up With Mascara

Your daughter is young and you are trying to achieve a natural look at this stage, so eyeliner is usually too much. Go for a mascara with lightweight formula which can cause less damage to her lashes. If she feels like her eyes need some extra definition without an eyeshadow, you can teach her to draw attention to her eyes by using a single layer of black or brown mascara for a softer look.

Shimmery Nude Eyeshadow Pallet

Brighten up and keep her eyes soft by adding a little colour to the lids. Apply just a little across them; blend properly, but stay below the crease. Choose a nude shimmering eyeshadow pallet with sheerer colours, so her eyes look soft and subtle. Teach her to use a fluffy eyeshadow brush or even her fingertip to apply it.

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