What’s Gender Got To Do With It?

Nail art is considered feminine territory in the world of beauty, but anyone can decide to design their nails if they see fit. Lately, more and more men have been opting for nail polish after a manicure, and it’s not just because gender norms are shifting in the present generation. Male selfcare and grooming are now making major wages in the beauty industries. Many men and some of your favourite celebrities have been spotted wearing nail polish lately as part of their style and fashion sense. And from the look of things, this trend is here to stay.

Fashion stylist Tosin Ogundadegbe (Thestyleinfidel), a nail polish wearer himself, has been flaunting this new look for men, so we asked him what he thinks about the trend and why he indulges. His answer was very reassuring, “For me, it’s not really a trend. I’m just a fan of doing whatever gratifies my thirst for just living. I had the thought to beautify my nails, so I just started painting and experimenting with different nail art”.

For women, creativity and nail art designs have no limits. Women experiment with all kinds of shapes, colours and techniques. However, that isn’t the case for all men. Why are men not “allowed” to?

There might be certain constraints to colour or designs, and Tosin believes that “For men who don’t like to explore too much, they can easily find nail polish that blends with their natural nails, so it becomes an upgrade to what natural nails look like. However, I have experimented with gold, white, black, and many others. I just love to maintain the shape of my natural nails”.

The gender-neutral trend is quite popular among Gen Z, and even though there’s a lot less judgment nowadays from the public, we can’t ignore the fact that there are those who frown at it. “I have come to the understanding that not everyone will like you, regardless of if you dress well or weirdly, and I think I’m already fine with that. I’ve seen people looking at me with weird looks and those who also want to give it a try too,” said Ogundadegbe. Regardless, everyone has the right to their own opinions; I can’t tell people what to hate or love. I love doing my nails, and I’m sincerely unbothered about what anyone else thinks.

Speaking on his first impressions when he walked into a manicurist and asked to get his nails painted, “it was so weird because a lot of women were surprised and wondering what a huge guy like myself is coming to do here. I got eyes on me at the time; it’s my sense of style, which I’m used to, so I don’t shy away from things. And as you know, I’m all for people sparking conversations”.

Now that nail art is taking off among men, and has also become a status symbol, a fashion statement and one of the tools that make you cool, it’s safe to say that we’re all ready for the change. This time it’s all about transitioning, trying new things, and being playful, practical, fun and bold with beauty.

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