Privacy Policy

It is THEWILLDOWNTOWN’s commitment to protect and respect your privacy when you visit our website. In order to fulfill our readers’ requests and better serve their surfing needs, we collect certain types of information from them. As such, you should be aware of the terms and conditions surrounding the collection and use of this information. Our Privacy Policy explains what information we collect and how it is used. We encourage you to read the following Policy and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Our Web site uses cookies for the purpose of identifying you when you access our website. Some of our business partners (e.g., advertisers or ad servers) use cookies on our Web site to track the effectiveness of when they serve ads by collecting non-personally identifiable information. We have no access to or control over these cookies once set on our site.


Be aware that when you click on ad banners, you may be redirected to other sites not operated by You are responsible for information that you provide to these sites. We recommend that you review the privacy policy of any site that requests personal information. Note that this policy does not cover the privacy practices of these linked sites.

General Information Collected:

When visiting our site, some general information is collected including: IP address (your computer’s unique signature) Operating system (e.g., Windows 95) Browser software (e.g., Microsoft Internet Explorer, Netscape) Internet Service Provider etc. The information we collect is aggregated to reflect the population as a whole rather than focused on individuals. We use it to help us better understand the people who visit our Web site and to continually improve our services. In addition, like many other sites with paid advertising, we disclose some of this non-personally identifiable, aggregate information to advertisers to inform them of the number of people who have seen and clicked on their advertisements.

Third-Party Service Providers:

From time to time we partner with third-party service providers to offer additional products and services within the Web site. To participate in these offerings, you may be asked to provide personal information and agree to terms and conditions relating to the third-party service provider. Such requests for information will be displayed and requested by the third party in a straightforward manner with explanation as to whose privacy statement governs the collection of such information.

Changes to our Privacy Policy:

This Privacy Policy will be periodically updated to protect our users and to comply with best practices employed by other publishers and regulatory organizations. You can contact with any questions or comments regarding the Privacy Policy.