The annual GTCO Food and Drink Festival is back for the seventh year; this time, it has many exciting attractions. Since its maiden edition in 2016, the food fair has gathered food enthusiasts in one venue to explore different delicacies. Set against the beautiful backdrop of Victoria Island, the event, which started as a two-day event, has now expanded into a three-day event. Just imagine three days of exploring food from across the continent of Africa. The Masterclasses over the years have been nothing short of entertaining and informative, and this year’s promises to be even more exciting. For one, they have the kid’s baking class, which provides kids and up-and-coming cooks a chance to learn about the delights of baking. In anticipation of this year’s event, we journey through the previous Food and Drink Festivals and explore what to expect this year. Check it out on pages 8 to 10.

Have you ever started a new relationship to fill the emptiness from a recent breakup? That’s called a rebound relationship. This week, Downtown Confidential discusses rebound relationships and how you can avoid getting into one. That’s on page 15.

Fruits are packed with vitamins and antioxidants, so we are advised to incorporate them into our diet. The problem is that they can be boring, but not to worry. Our food page, Bon Appetit, lists exciting ways in which you can add fruit to your diet.

It’s autism awareness month, so our health page discusses living with autism as an adult.

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