Transitioning from one career path to another isn’t always seamless. But for Dare Darey Art Alade, it was easy-peasy, perhaps because he was always creative.

When he finished third place on the Project Fame music talent show years ago, there was an uproar condemning the results, with everyone demanding that Darey was the rightful winner. He had shown great talent and skill in his delivery of every song, so it was as clear as day, or so we thought, that he would emerge the winner of the competition.

But before then, Darey was already performing at nightclubs and church, plus he had a gig with CoolFM. Perhaps learning all the intricacies of producing a radio show helped him prepare for his role as the Chief Creative Director at Livespot360, along with his wife, Deola. She is the CEO—Chief Executive Officer.

In this tell-all interview with DOWNTOWN, Darey talks explicitly about transitioning to a 360 creative solutions company, the future of his music career, and how they (Livespot360) intend to take Africa to the world literally.

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Onah Nwachukwu