Beauty regimens can take up a lot of time, so if, like me, you are a gal on the go, you want a quick beauty routine that also leaves your skin radiant. Our beauty page has the right solution for this in our Skinimalism article. You have to read it.

In a rather insightful article, we share inventions by black women. At the same time, the fashion and décor pages discuss fashion as a social phenomenon and ways to incorporate colour trends into your bedroom décor.

We have all missed Davido, and so with his new album releasing in a few days, we couldn’t be more excited to do a little something on his album.

Was Angela Basset snubbed at the Oscars? We have an op-ed about this that makes for an exciting read.

We round up Women’s Month with this week’s issue. As is tradition, throughout March, we celebrated women’s month with female covers, except for Gbadebor Rhodes Vivour’s one, which featured just before the gubernatorial elections that will be forever marred worst conducted since the beginning of democracy in Nigeria. It certainly brought bigotry to the forefront.

Among the many things we noted is that we cannot trust INEC to do its job, period! And although we have now recorded the lowest participation of women in the parliament, we have chosen to focus on women who got, retained a seat at the table or even have inconclusive results.

Until next week, enjoy your read.