Many technicalities make up a creative process. From the idea’s inception to execution, the
foundation is planning—this would include having a mood board to help guide you and visualise
your final look for whatever you create. But that’s not all that is required. I find other skills, such as paying attention to detail, essential in many professions, especially in the creative space. Creativity also plays a significant role, as does having ‘the eye’ regarding colours and design and knowing the right vendor per project. The ability can make or mar the outcome of a creative process.

One who is no stranger to the technicalities of a creative process is our cover personality this week, Funke Bucknor-Obruthe. In over 20 years of events production, Bucknor-Obruthe has repeatedly proven that she has what it takes to pull off a fabulous wedding or any other event. This results from very particular skills; some are inborn, while others she had to learn. Let’s not forget her signature dance moves after every event, which has become ever so popular with the advent of social media, such that her clients now request she does a victory dance after the event.

She speaks about this and much more, including a new book—some of you may remember her last
one, The Essential Bridal Handbook— most likely to be published in 2023. It’s wedding season, so most people have probably already received their invitations and are now saddled with what to wear. As Nigerians, we generally like to play dress-up and outdress the next guest, so our fashion pages suggest a few looks that will have you standing out at that wedding.

For the bride-to-be, our beauty page spotlights a particular ingredient you must include in your
beauty regimen to keep you radiant and ready for your big day. The travel pages reveal some fabulous honeymoon locations.

A wedding used to be the perfect place to find love but is that still the case, or have, as they are popularly known, Yoruba ’demons’ and ‘wicked’ Igbo girls taken over? Find out on page 6.

Until next week, enjoy your read.