Eso Dike, a man of many talents, is not just an actor but also a rapper,  lawyer, and media entrepreneur. While he may not be actively practicing law, his degree proves beneficial when it comes to understanding his movie contracts. Juggling his various roles, he dedicates most of his time to making movies and building his media company.  His music career, which he is now actively pursuing, is set to culminate in an album release this year.

His acting career isn’t restricted to the big screen; there’s also NollyTube, the Nollywood movies on YouTube, and Dike has been in several of them. He is also working on his NollyTube movie titled We Move. With all these projects, it’s safe to say that he is a busy man. Still, he finds some free time to do what he loves, which includes watching movies, playing football, and drinking tea, amongst other things. In all that he does, there will be criticism. The actor says he feels good when he gets positive feedback and has learnt to decipher negative criticism for constructive criticism. Read his story on pages 8 through 10.For the weekend, treat yourself to breakfast in bed. To achieve this, you will need simple breakfast recipes, and we have the right ones on our food page, Bon Appetit, on page 7.

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