What These Cars Say About You (Men’s Edition)

Every item you’ve ever bought or owned is an extension of who you are and that plants a subconscious message- one open for interpretation in the mind of anyone who sees you in or with it. That custom Rolex says alot about your personality and so does your car.

A lot can be pieced together about a person’s societal status by the type of car they drive. Things like how many kids, how much they make and what kind of lifestyle they live. I guess you are what you drive after all!

So, if you own any of these cars, it’s high time you discover what people think about you when you drive by.

Toyota Sienna

Toyota Sienna

Nothing screams I’m married with 2 or 3 kids than this. You are a family man and all you care about is getting you and your family from point A to point B safely. If you aren’t married then you are into transportation services. Moving people and goods from point A to point B. This car is the vehicular equivalent of lady repellent.

Camry ‘Muscle’

Toyota Camry

Mozu or Mosul whatever you call it you are correct! Unlike the Toyota Corolla, this car is for the upwardly mobile men in Lagos. Owners of this car have their mechanic’s number on speed dial because of its numerous issues yet it’s still one of the most driven cars in Lagos. Those who find themselves in this section are living their lives one step at a time and this car is a testament to that.

Mercedes C-Class Convertible

Mercedes C-Class Convertible

Mr Young and getting money gang. This group is divided into two. The ones who wear kaftan to bed and the young creatives or tech bros. Men in this category probably made their first million at 23 and have no plan to settle down. The lets-just-go-with-flow men. Certified heartbreakers.

Range Rover or G-Wagon


CEO of a prosperous company. Either married but your family is abroad or you are divorced either way you are what the ladies call zaddy. Men want to be you and women want to be with you. If you fall under this category don’t be surprised if people are asking you to cut soap for them.

Toyota Corolla 2005

Toyota Corolla S

This is the “I’m tired of flying bus up and down” car. Owners of this car just want something simple but rugged. It is also the unofficial car for Uber and Bolt in Nigeria. So if you own this car and you park at the side of the road to pick a call don’t take offence if someone gets in and starts giving you directions.

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