Marcellina Apkojotor, A Noteworthy Female Artist

Nigerian art began in the 15th century with the Benin kingdom and the death of Queen Mother of Oba Esigie. A few centuries later, other traditions soon caught on, and today, we have different artworks littered around the world, portraying and preserving spatial stories of cultures, norms, and traditions.

To think that the origin story of one of Africa’s most coveted art pieces and Nigerian art in its entirety began with the passing of a queen, we thought it right to spotlight a female artist pushing the envelope of art and femininity in Nigeria.

Marcellina Akpojotor

Using discarded pieces of Ankara fabric, this artsy storyteller creates motifs to commemorate the huge community of
women of different generations and their experiences. She explores the African context of community, femininity, and womanhood with her emotionally arresting works of art

Set to Flourish

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