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Nigeria is recognised as the hub of fun and celebration in Africa. And  men, particularly handsome, elegant, and stylish men—who also happen to be the subject of this article—would never hesitate to dress up for any occasion, whether it be to honour life, death, achievements, unions, or, strangely, separations.

Mawuli Gavor & Noble Igwe

The Agbada

The ceremonial robe known as agbada is revered as a family heritage passed down from generation to generation. Usually worn to significant events such as weddings and funerals, Nigerian men have today included it in their wardrobes as it is considered an affluent fashion staple.

Richard Ayodeji Makun

The Native Attire

This look doesn’t fall into the category of being able to wear casually on a regular day. Because it is very ceremonial, it is best to dorn it to a royal wedding or a major celebration such as a chieftaincy title.

Neo Akpofure


Richard Mofe Damijo


Mike Edwards


As you will see, there are different style approaches to follow, but the base material is kaftan. This traditional style is the most common among the lot and the go-to ensemble for most men. You can pair yours with pants alone or take your style up a notch with a sleeveless kaftan jacket for that extra touch.

Akah Nnani


Ebuka obi-Uchendu

Traditional Meets Modern

In this category, we have styles that add the breath of fresh air of modern apparel styles to conventional traditional styles. More and more men are opting for this, and we have come to love it too.

Model in Traxedo by ATAFO

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