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The world over, summer is known to be the hottest among the four seasons, coming right after spring and just before autumn. Summertime varies relatively according to climate, tradition, and culture. Globally, schools close up for “summer break” during this period to take advantage of the warmer weather and longer days.

Summer is likened to vacations and staycations. The weather is taken advantage of for engaging in outdoor activities such as travelling, picnics, and beach fun, and sports aren’t left out – football, cricket, horseracing, basketball, volleyball, skateboarding, baseball, softball, tennis, and golf are enjoyed during the season. The hotness of the weather increases the craving for water – anything to keep the body cool. Water sports like water polo, water skiing, tubing, swimming, wakeboarding and surfing are honoured.


Light-coloured clothes made from cotton are considered most suitable for summer. Cotton fabrics are the most popular natural fabrics; they are also breathable due to their tiny hollow gaps, which help them quickly consume and expel perspiration. The fabric allows air to flow through the fibres, keeping the body cool by wicking away sweat. This versatile, lightweight fabric can be used for diverse purposes and is the ideal summertime wear.


As with everything else, having the wrong item makes you uncomfortable; having the wrong clothes in your wardrobe for summer can mar the season, so you need to familiarise yourself with the summer staples. Your summer wardrobe should have a t-shirt, dress, singlet, cap, one-piece bathing suit, Hawaiian shirt, sunglasses, straw hat, polo shirt, overalls, shorts, tank top, flip-flops, culotte, cargo pants, scarf top, pyjamas, sundress, summer loungewear, crop top, Capri, and skorts.


Every season has its unique smell; it comes with a fragrance. One whiff and you can tell it’s here. For summer, it isn’t any different. Some scents you can delight in during summer are Louis Vuitton On The Beach and Imagination.


You have until 23rd September before summer is over so if you are still planning for your summer holiday trip, here are some excellent destinations for you in no particular order: Greenland – more like a smoky wonderland; Cappadocia, the land of hot air balloons; London, gawk at the Big Ben tower; Prague, hub of baroque buildings; New Zealand, scenic landscapes for nature lovers; Marrakech, admire bucolic nature; Capetown, get bird-eye view from the cable car; Siem Reap, famous for night markets; Barcelona, all about games and nightlife; then we have Maui – not less than a paradise and a whole lot more.

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