Colour Trends: Colours To Be On The Look Out For In 2024

From the findings of colour trend forecasters, life will be bolder in 2024, as colour experts predict that people will be much more adventurous with their colour choices. Of course, neutral colours will never go out of style and are warming up, with buttery and blush tones rising in popularity. Every expert agrees that colour will be more personal than ever in the coming years. Here are some of the colours set to dominate 2024.

Never Fading Blues

Having an innate connection to the natural world, blue is one of those colours that will never lose popularity. It is a feel-good colour that perfectly resonates with tranquillity and serenity, and in 2024, there will be more spaces that reflect these moods. Blues will have a significant moment in 2024, and livelier shades of blue like teal and aqua will pop up everywhere.

Enthralling Purples

Purple is a colour that can feel intimidating to work with, but it helps to motivate people to stand out and experiment more with colour. Being an excellent companion to pink, blue, and green, purple will also rise in popularity this coming year. Depending on the shade of purple you use, it can add depth or vibrancy.

Glorious Greens

Greens aren’t going anywhere! It is a nature-inspired hue that evokes a soothing quality most people find relaxing. This fresh colour with a nurturing sense is predicted to make a splash in the upcoming year. However, darker shades of green will take favour over light and pastel tones. To be more particular, olive green will have its moment.

Returning Browns

The return of the seventies has been influencing interior trends, and the brown colour is one of those things that has returned. There is a shift from grey to more dramatic shades like brown, and this warm, earth-based colour reinforces a connection to nature. The brown colour is both an exciting and complex shade to work with. Looking like part chocolate and part woodland with a dash of purple grape, an unexpected richness reveals itself in different ways. It creates a cocooning field for rooms facing the north, while in brighter spaces, it allows the opportunity to layer in other shades of brown for more impact. You’ll see brown everywhere, from mushroom brown to taupe, mocha, and espresso.

Warm Whites

Whites with warm undertones are predicted to still wane in popularity in the coming year. These shades of white bring sophistication and depth to a space while keeping it bright and neutral.

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