How To Save Money For That Upcoming Trip

Who already has travel plans for the holiday season? I bet you do! Whether it is to visit family and friends abroad or to revisit your favourite holiday destination, you probably have travel plans already. You will need money for the trip, so here are five valuable tips to help you save up for the trip.

Set Your Intention

Begin by declaring to yourself your intention to travel. Here is an example: This holiday, I am going to travel to Seychelles, or I want to visit relatives this holiday. Having a very clear idea in your mind of what you want to achieve will help you with your plan on how to save money for travel. You can make your intention more powerful by writing it down in a journal. Believe you will travel, and watch it manifest.

Plan Your Travel Budget

Now that you have decided to travel, work out how to plan your travel budget. Begin your research on how much it will cost to get there and how much you will likely spend during your stay. Once you know this, look at your daily budget and see how long it will take you to save from it. If it seems like it won’t be enough, don’t panic; the following tips will help you.

Set Up A Direct Debit To Your Savings Account

Setting up a direct debit to your savings account is a great tip to help you save money for travel. If you have not done so already, contact your bank right now. This is money you are not allowed to spend until you go on your trip. By putting money aside every day from now, no matter how much or how little, you’ll soon see your savings grow into something encouraging.

Cancel Unnecessary Subscriptions

Cast a critical eye on all your monthly subscriptions and ask yourself this question: Do you need them? If you are not watching Netflix 99% of the time, perhaps it’s time to cancel that monthly subscription plan. Look at the next thing you have subscribed to and ask yourself again: Are you using this subscription enough to merit having it? It could be that you have a gym membership. If you only work out once a fortnight, it might be time to cancel it.

Give Yourself A Cooling-Off Period For Purchases

Have you ever bought something impulsively, only to regret the purchase later? This is very common. To prevent this from happening, allow yourself a cooling-off period whenever you want to buy something you do not need. The festive season is right around the corner; you will see beautiful pairs of shoes and gorgeous outfits in stalls and at the mall. You know you don’t need them, but the mood of the season and the fact that they look so beautiful makes you want to buy them. Instead of following your impulse, go home and wait three days. If you still want the shoes, you can go back and get them. You’ll probably discover that your desire to have these impulse buys fades away, which equals more money saved.

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