Designing With Nature: Maximising Natural Beauty n Your Home

IBringing the outdoors in goes beyond buying a potted plant that you stick in the corner of your room. Incorporating the natural world into your home and workplace environment or anywhere you spend considerable time is important. Biophilia is a desire to interact with nature, which is good for your wellbeing. Biophilic designs help you reduce stress and improve your health, creativity, productivity, and emotional wellbeing. Here are things you can do right now to increase the natural beauty around you.

Skylights, Reflective Materials and Sheer Drapes

You can bring nature indoors by adding skylights, reflective materials, and sheer drapes that allow the sun to shine through and illuminate your environment. An added benefit of letting nature shine through is also bringing you closer to the aspects of weather. After all, who does not enjoy sitting in a cosy chair while watching it rain outside?

Sounds Of Nature

One way of incorporating naturalistic interior design is with the sounds of nature. Water elements such as fountains, water walls, and aquariums are not only relaxing to look at, but the sound of the water flowing or bubbling can improve health and reduce stress. It is both therapeutic and refreshing.

Natural Materials

Natural materials are some of the best ways to foster biophilic designs, as many options are available. Wood, stone, bamboo, leather, wool, hemp, clay, wicker, rattan, granite, and cork are available for various areas of your home or office, including flooring, furnishings, and countertops. The unique textures associated with materials such as cork or bamboo bring you closer to nature. You can also incorporate natural design elements that activate the senses, such as varying textures.

Natural Landscapes

Utilise natural landscapes as a way to relax and improve your health. From pictures of nature to nature-identical designs done in patterns on the walls, flooring, and fabrics, these images help to foster improved wellbeing. Bring in the colours of nature wherever possible. Incorporating the blue sky, green grass, brown earth, and cream sand colours will help you connect with the many elements around you.

Create Spaces With Open Airflow

Creating living spaces with open airflow can enhance the connection with nature by creating a multi-sensory experience. It can allow you to smell the air, feel the breeze, hear the birds, and enjoy the surrounding environment without being separated by walls and windows. Incorporating bi-fold, sliding, or stacking doors can be an easy way to increase airflow throughout your home.

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