No Matter How Old I Get, I’ll Always Need My Mum

I’d first of all like to ask for a moment of silence for the beloved mothers who are no longer with us on Earth to be celebrated today. Even in death, their love is still felt by all the lives they touched and they will never be forgotten.

It is still the month of women and we are indeed knee-deep into it as we celebrate Nigerian mothers. There are at least 3 different days dedicated to ‘Mother’s Day’ across the world, depending on your country- please feel free to celebrate your mum on all 3 if you can. They certainly deserve it as our stunning Cover girl Adunni Ade will reveal in her interview. The talented actress is a single mum raising two amazing sons, killing it in the movie industry in-spite of the odds stacked against her. In fact those obstacles have become the very stepping stones upon which she climbs as she heads to the top and she balances her constant leading role as mum with everything else in her life.

We have some other women who are making marks and expanding the conversations in motherhood. From resources for new mothers to caring for societies unwanted and uncared for kids, we speak to Yetty Williams of Lagos Mums and Kemi Ojenike of The Destiny Trust Foundation and Orphanage. There is a lot more than biology involved in being a mum and that must be put into perspective for us to create a better world.

Speaking of a better world, I never thought I would see the day that a pregnant black woman would be on global television, being interviewed by Oprah and telling her truth against Buckingham palace and its inhabitants because she is married to one of their own. Listen! It’s a brave new world and we are blessed to see it. Our website column mines social media as they weigh in on the Prince Harry and Meghan conversation.

I celebrate the mothers, mothers-in-waiting, mums to be, step mums, mothers in the Lord and any woman who nurtures, cares and loves those around her like her own. To my own mum who called me ‘Editor’ long before it became a reality, I love you Sister Ngor. You are a very special lady and I might be a handful sometimes but I hope I’ve shown you just how much you mean to me.

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