Mothers are Superheroes too!

Motherhood, an eternal and rigorous journey, sparked off by a fetus that slowly gestates for 9 months. Thrusting its hosts into a cosmos of pain while tethered to love and affection, it contours the body and scars the mind. A necessary travail that inadvertently readies them for the journey, crafting superheros out of them.

Security and Protection

We all know the climax of every superhero story is swooping in, beating up bad guys, and saving the day- made possible by either being struck by lightning or some sort of genetic modification. The bottom line here is this, these enhancements or whatnot makes protection and security a whole lot easier.

Qualities like these, when you think about them are synonymous with mothers. Right from conception, the brains of mothers are rewired into protecting their offspring and serve as training wheels to help ease young mothers into motherhood.

This psychological modification lasts for about two years after the baby has been conceived and is responsible for outrightly extraordinary feats. The mother develops a psychedelic link with the baby, being able to tell when something is off with her newborn. Unlike superheroes, there haven’t been that many movie adaptations of this superpower mothers possess.

With motherhood, there’s no day off. It’s a free but sacrificial full-time job. Bearing in mind that these mothers will still have to juggle their careers and be in charge of the family. These are queens I stan hard!

As kids, we were made to believe that superheroes were fictional characters that could fly, swing from buildings, possess superhuman strength, and looked badass in spandex. Oblivious of the real-life superheroes in our lives. Our mothers.

I know what you’re thinking, “what about the father? Isn’t he a superhero?” Well, yes he is, but let’s put this into perspective… if the father is the head of the family, then mother is technically the neck. As the head of the family traffics through his responsibilities of providing for the family, he leaves the running and welfare of the family in the hands of the mother- “the neck” and all is just ok.

The responsibilities wrapped around being a mother and the entirety of motherhood is the hardest yet most rewarding job for a woman. It’s a comet of a thousand emotions hurled at women at a thousand miles per second.

It takes someone incredibly brave to endure. I’d like to take this moment to appreciate all the mothers and women reading this. You ladies are superheroes. In celebration of Mother’s Day, I’d like to highlight just a few superhero qualities of a mother.

Unconditional Love Love and superheroes are like five and six. It’s a constant and I have nothing against it because love sells. Asides from that, love stands as a criteria all superheroes musthave.

Mothers also share this unconditional love. One formed from the flames of pain, tears and contractions. A seed planted by a higher force with them as the gardeners. The responsibility of every inhale and exhale sits on their shoulders. Their bodies stretched beyond its breaking point, scarred and riddled with insomnia.

All that doesn’t matter seeing as it’s rewards outweigh all the battles. The inextinguishable love influences how they mold the present and future of that child. New inductees into motherhood and incumbent ones are ready to sacrifice their time and lives for their children. The beautiful burden of being a mother/superhero.

Mothers never stop being mothers. They never hang their capes or take off their costumes rather they are in their costumes even till death. So daughters and sons take this moment to appreciate the woman that brought you into this world. The woman that nurtured you with love, affection and care. That woman deserves the world and no amount of forwarded WhatsApp messages can change that.


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