A Royal Rumble And Fumble

The biggest story of the week was the interview between the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle and Oprah Winfrey. The hourlong interview aired on Sunday, 7 March 2021 and contained numerous bombshell claims regarding the treatment of Meghan by both the British press and the Royal Family itself.

As this interview was airing, it sparked numerous discussions on social media due to the nature of claims made by Prince Harry and Meghan. The crux of the conversations online was the argument over whether Meghan and Harry pulling away from the Royal Family was the right decision or if Harry was being manipulated in some way by Meghan. On Twitter, sides were taken, with some users siding with the Sussexes decision to leave the Royal Family. Some others, like former BBN winner, Uti Nwachukwu said they’d side with their family over any wife… Another user with a quite interesting take was media personality, Toke Makinwa, who in essence said that what Meghan was going through was not dissimilar to the plights of many married Nigerian women.

A more practical example of marriages dividing family that kept coming up during the conversation surrounding the Oprah interview was the case of the twins formerly known together as P-Square. As is common knowledge, Peter Okoye sided with his wife over his family, leading to a split with his brother Paul. The takes flowed: As it’s clear to see, there are more parallels between the Sussexes and everyday interactions with in-laws than meets the eye. Any marriage is a balancing act of many plates all in play at once. Not everyone has been able to pull it off. We’ll see how the Sussexes do as the situation continues to unfold.

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