The Truth About Dermaplaning

When it comes to beauty treatments, there are many of them that work to reduce dullness of the skin, minimize fine lines and exfoliate, and dermaplaning is one of them. So just what is dermaplaning? It is a form of exfoliating that involves using a surgical scalpel to gently scrape the surface of your skin, removing dead skin cells and vellus hairs-also known as peach fuzz. This should be performed by an aesthetician. Before you go the route of this treatment, there are a few truths you should know. I have discussed them below.

Who Can Undergo This Treatment?

It is safe for almost every skin type; however, if you have active acne or highly sensitive skin, or cold sores, then you are better off avoiding this treatment. Does It Hurt? I know that when you think of scraping your face you imagine that it will be painful but that isn’t the case with dermaplaning. It is a rather painless process that almost feels like shaving.

Will It Cause Me To Breakout?

Generally, exfoliation helps to get rid of built-up dead skin, which can clog your pores. Seeing as dermaplanning is a form of exfoliation, it helps prevent breakouts and promotes healthierlooking skin.
What Are The Benefits of This Treatment?
Expect smoother, brighter-looking skin. Also, your skincare products will penetrate better into your skin because your dead skin cells have been scraped off.

Can I Wear Makeup Immediately After Dermaplaning?

As excited as you may be to layer on makeup after your dermaplaning treatment, it is best to avoid doing so for at least a day.

Will My Hair Grow Back Thicker?

No, it won’t. The hair simply grows back the same texture as before your dermaplane.
How Often Do I Need To Dermaplane?
Dermaplaning is a deeply exfoliating treatment so every four to six weeks is fine.
In conclusion, dermaplaning is a safe treatment as long as you do not do it yourself at home. If all you want to do is shave off facial hairs then by all means purchase a blade that you can use to shave your face, but if you want the added benefit of exfoliation which dermaplaning gives, then, PLEASE
consult an aesthetician.

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