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The cosmetics industry carries feminine connotations and it has been dominated and targeted by products solely focused on the female population for so long that we often forget that some time in history, make-up was allowed and even prompted by men. However, the mainstream perception has begun to change as more options for men’s beauty are becoming acceptable and typically a norm in today’s lifestyle. More products are now being launched with men as their specific targets and giving a rise to unisex beauty. Let’s look at some of the possible reasons why some men choose to wear make-up.

Enhancement of Appearance

Enioluwa Adeoluwa

Enioluwa Adeoluwa

It’s not a male or female thing to want to look good. Using cosmetics allow a man to define the shape of his face, give himself a strong jawline, and bring out his best features especially if he is in show business. Just like in any setting with most women, looking polished can give you a sense of self-confidence which makes men feel a little better about their appearance.

Form of Art or Fun Activity

Tavaris Jefferson

Tavaris Jefferson

Make-up can also be considered as art – a beautiful form of expression from an artist. For some men, It can be a colourful, fun way to express their creativity and experiment with products and styles in make-up artistry. This can be an exciting process especially for the male beauty influencers who want to feel more visible and inclusive in the beauty industry.

Express Their Femininity

Poetic Drugs

Men can be very feminine, and women can also be very masculine. Gender they say is an “illusion” so for some men, makeup can be used to break that gender barrier. Whilst using make-up is a personal choice, it can also simply be about creating and embracing the best possible version of themselves.


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