All You Need In Your “Back-To-Work” Makeup Purse

So the holidays are officially over and it’s back to work and business as usual. While getting ready for the day takes a lot of time for us ladies typically due to all our different morning routines, having your makeup done can be perceived as such a huge deal breaker. This, however, could only be the case if you are seeking a full-blown GLAM. Now is the time to enjoy the process of applying that classic dewy and light makeup combo to feel more “polished” and because masks are still required at work and in a lot of places, you might want to emphasize a little bit more on eye makeup. All you need in your back-to-work makeup purse are these simple products to step out like the million bucks that you are in just about 20minutes.

And yes… that’s all the time you need to get it done.

Get Your Arch on Fleek


Ladies, never walk out the door with untidy eyebrows. Get a brow pencil perfect to sculpt and define your brows; preferably one that also comes with an inbuilt spoolie brush. They are your best bet for natural-looking brows because they are pretty much the easiest to maneuver.

Puff in Your Compact Powder


Say ‘no’ to cakey powders. Use a powder that gives you an air-brushed glowy look and is buildable to deliver your desired coverage, keeping your makeup fresh all day.

Seal Your Makeup


Always seal your makeup up with a setting spray to keep your makeup free from harsh lines, hydrated, and smooth all day long.

Lash Out


Not a big fan of lash extensions? Then use a waterproof mascara that lengthens and volumizes your natural lashes to bring your eye look altogether.

Contour Your Makeup


If maybe you want to go extra for a quick face definition and highlights, a contour kit will do just the trick.

Neutral Colour Lippies


You will need a lipstick that doesn’t crack, blends evenly and is highly pigmented with vibrant colours to satisfy your desire for a beautiful nude look.

Lay Your Foundation

Brown Skin Liquid Foundation ZARON COSMETICS

Brown Skin Liquid Foundation ZARON COSMETICS


You also want to use a seemingly flawless foundation that is lightweight and makes you feel almost like you have no foundation on. Make sure to use the right skin tone because this will save you the endless stress of blending the foundation onto your skin.

Opt For Nude Eyeshadow Palette




Blending shadows and matching colours require a whole lot of time and technique especially if you are not a professional. But this isn’t the case with nude colours, that’s why a nude eyeshadow palette could just be the best option for you.

Add Some Wings With a Liquid Eyeliner

Give your eyes the much-needed extra pop by using a waterproof matte eyeliner. These are very easy to use even for an amateur; it dries up instantly, so there’s no need to worry about it smearing over to ruin your eyeshadow.

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