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For the most part, working with a strategy brought about fascinating accomplishments that Big Brother Naija contestant, Pere, who wears an air of confidence, came to record for the period of the show. His directness and business-like demeanor have yielded the alter ego ‘General’, as he is known to a base of ever-committed supporters. In the stress-proof universe of this television star and season’s second runner-up is a strict belief concerning close relationships which absolutely has to be organic. Heated moments between parties are simply a right of passage and the prelude to future successes building a bond, like he envisions with his old housemates. As soon as he can get away from curious radio hosts and endorsement brands, Pere plans to cultivate a charity that keeps future iGens from the traumatic experience of asthma.

General Pere

If you were declared the winner, you would work for humanity. As the second runner-up, you can still do that. Will you talk about how you plan to?

One of the ways I plan to give back is to ensure that I establish a foundation to reach people who are experiencing asthma-like I did for 22 years. It will be one way that I intend to give back to humanity. This will involve a lot of things that have to do with health and wellness. I was asthmatic for 22 years, so that is exactly what I will be focused on.

Nigeria needs more hands in the medical field. What do you plan to do with your nursing skill?

I haven’t had a thought about contributing my skills. That would require me to work as a nurse here but I do not intend to do that. I intend to be involved in entertainment.

Can you list some qualities that got you far in the competition?

I am a very assertive person and I am actually very smart and intelligent. I like to take my time to study people. After studying them, I had to devise a strategy, and I am a good thinker on my feet. Some of the things that were done in the house were very strategic. I made sure that I let the world see all the sides of me. So, you either would hate Pere or love him – I don’t care. But that’s me. I wasn’t going to change myself for anyone. Studying people, being observant, and being very assertive; were qualities that definitely took me far in the competition. And I am a straight shooter – I don’t hide my thoughts or feelings. I am very expressive. If I feel some type of way about a person, I say it. Whether it is positive or negative, I let the person know. I don’t say it behind them – I say it to that person’s face.

It seemed some sort of bullying was involved between you and housemate, Whitemoney. Can you share about your relationship?

I am not going to let you use that term to qualify or define me. I don’t accept such derogatory terms to be used in defining my person. I don’t bully people. I have been bullied my whole life and I know what it means to be bullied. You might use another term. If you are in a confined space with strangers you know nothing about, you would have to understand them as you go on. Part of understanding you as we go will have to do with some friction. It is through those turbulent moments that I get some clarity regarding your personality. It is natural to have disagreements or conflicts with people. The most important thing is what you do afterward. I and White had a disagreement and as we went along the way, we became good friends. So, there was no bullying. I will not let anyone define me because I define myself. I don’t bully people, so I will appreciate that term being excluded because it reminds me of a lot of things that I went through in my own life. From when I was a child up to when I became an early adult.

General Pere


A lot of youths struggle to cope in their relationships. Being one that has experienced divorce, do you feel better equipped to cope with yours?

In every relationship, it is good to have an understanding of the person. That way, you know how to relate with them better. For the context of this conversation, I will rather focus on platonic relationships because I did not have and do not currently have any romantic relationship with a housemate. The only romantic relationship I have is with my girlfriend. That’s it.

What’s your approach to competitions after Big Brother Naija?

You wanna get into a competition, you have to be confident in yourself.

What excites you about the future?

I am excited about advancing my career as an actor and a singer. The show was a huge platform that availed me the opportunity to showcase myself to the world. I am excited about the opportunities that will be presented to me as a result of this. I am going to let the world see me – I am very easygoing, so expect almost everything about me to be chilled.

What message will you like to share with your fans?

To patriots, I want them to know that I love them and thank them for their support. A strong army supporting their general. I appreciate every one of my colleagues who were with me in the house, I love all 25 of them.

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