Lifestyle Hacks To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Getting on pretty well with daily life demands access to lots of resources. A massive troop of millennial workers are starting families, therefore we have more human population with endless needs to live on the planet. The inordinate thirst to consume will never go away; it will last for as long as life exists. In its presence, cities are confronted with feisty man-made climate change that has caused districts to be flooded, while highway gridlock after the rain has shut down roads.

Mining the material needed to make trendy, jaw-dropping clothes that leaves an audience enchanted and the shopping bags used for packaging them afterwards sadly accompany the emission of harmful carbon dioxide (CO2) into the atmosphere. Processing plants are oftentimes the culprit but research shows the culpability net is much wider, reaching consumers. They have brought about global warming but thankfully, to help the cause of civilisation, there are simple, personal lifestyle changes you can make to turn the tide against hostile, rising seas that are spurring so much damage around the beaches nationwide. The goal for you would be to reduce your carbon footprint while the world agrees on the best way to tackle climate change.

Fashion Recycling

High-end Thrifting

Keeping up with high-end fashion would usually leave a hole in the pocket. It’s undoubtedly a burden if the huge expenses needed to finance such a lifestyle is to be considered. Instead of ordering more dresses into your crowded wardrobe, you could swap with others who share similar fashion interests with you. Technology-enabled thrifting can cater to this once you get on an app and match with a user with whom you can exchange dresses.

Beyond this, local thrifting platforms are coming up with models to onboard more women willing to share their clothes for a used outfit although its glory is still intact. This will reduce the enormous amount of worn-out clothing that has to be destroyed when the owners can no longer find a use for them.

Travelling Reimagined

Waterways Transit

With so many people living in densely populated Lagos, the air quality is bound to be degraded. It is the result of exhaust fumes from fossil fuel-powered vehicles and the pollution from industrial plants. Travel is a key contributor to pollution, a reason why revising the decisions you make with regards to transportation can lessen global warming. Think of boat rides as an alternative instead of driving through lengthy highways to meet up with an appointment. Travelling on water could be relaxing – there is the cool breeze to blow your face as you focus on tasks awaiting you off the boat. It also offers speed.

Where you are far from speed boats and jetties, with the bus rapid transit (BRT), public transportation has transitioned into a serene, digital riding experience.

Adopting Reusables

Conscious Shopping

Usually, the burden is on the retail store you are shopping at to provide a bag to take away items that have been purchased. That often yields more nylon sacks in your environment that eventually end up in clogged gutters and soon the ocean where wildlife is suffering from the impact. Branded shopping bags made out of reusable paper or woollen material are fashionable and can help you desist from making use of nylon so much.

Green Household Diet

Vegan Treat

It is not as dreadful as it seems if you should finally switch off from a meat diet to a green one. The appetite for livestock in your meals is directly linked to further emission of carbon in the atmosphere and this happens through farming activities. Perhaps, a delicately planned meal involving veggies, spice and the tastiest kinds of crustaceans would appeal to you.

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