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How much we all covet the skin of a newborn? Picture a soft, delicate, brand new flesh as clothing. It is the exclusive world babies live in; those who do not usually have such concerns as skin dryness unlike teenagers and adults irrespective of their gender. The dryness of the skin may be the result of various events ongoing in your body and you should get this fixed. Quickly too, so that a room won’t be open for the dry skin and patches to morph into a wound likely to yield a traumatic infection and more burden in these COVID times.

You are invited to come along for some advice, although the cause of your dry skin may transcend simple lifestyle changes – it could be medical which is why you shouldn’t leave out a visit to the doctor.

The Food We Eat

Skin-Nourishing Grub

An interesting therapy to restore dry skin – that is, to make it smooth and (if it is that bad) rid you of reptile-esque scales around your heels – is to upgrade your diet to include food that contain a surplus of antioxidants in them. I welcome you to redirect your hunger towards beans for a start, and then tomatoes, carrots and blueberries. This list can mitigate damages done to your skin due to the presence of toxins. They help your body make healthy cells – such a nice treat that should soon lead you to recovery.

Soothing Oatmeal Bath

Oatmeal Bath

Do not drink up the entire oatmeal pack – you should save some for a bath. Colloidal oatmeal is made by grinding oat grain into a fine, powdery form that can then be applied in a bath. The concentration of fats, proteins, vitamins and minerals in the colloidal oatmeal will have a softening effect on your skin. This is because of the antioxidant characteristics present in oatmeal.
Beyond making your skin softer from moisturising, it also relieves any feeling of itchiness. So, have a treat and a long bath if you care.

Coconut Oil

Natural Oil

The natural world is filled with answers, so here is one for you in coconut oil. It can be used daily on whichever part of your body that is concerned with skin dryness. These include underneath your eyes and your mouth surroundings. You can enjoy therapeutic coconut oil straight on the rocks, without needing to mix it with any agent. Saturated fatty acids found in the oil promises a hack and the means to stay hydrated and smooth every day.

Hydrating Juice

Skin-Nourishing Grub 2

Skin dryness can occur in the different fields of your body, your palms included. A moist palm is needed to maintain a firm grip, sadly, some people are in a struggle to possess this feature. The use of a hand sanitiser became common hygiene practice when COVID-19 came into play – it is for the purpose of expunging unseen germs that can harm one’s immunity against respiratory illnesses or the transmission of such into another human. A hand sanitiser is also useful to help your palm feel lubricated, you must have noticed.

Shower Temperature

Moderate Temperature

Another way around skin dryness has to do with setting the appropriate temperature during your showers. Try a light, warm (not hot) bath; it should have your surfaces recovering from the scalding hold of hot showers. It is about what your skin has gotten used to overtime. And once you exit the bathroom, make sure that you are transitioning into comfortable clothing. Unless under cold weather, it is recommended that you cut down on wool which encourages the dryness of the skin.

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