3 Laid Back Looks For The Busy Person This Festive Season

This festive season has slowly built momentum as COVID exerts more pressure on daily life. There shall be avenues to have fun although officials will do their best to see that events are managed to specifications and the year-round workaholics are going about scaled-down deliverables in these breezy styles.

Festive Season Cool

An off-white plain blouse sitting on a patterned pair of trousers can be cool while getting work done around a busy holiday schedule. Jermaine Blue’s mix of both is an apt trigger to ocean breeze charm this season In Jermaine Blue’s Pixie dress for females, you can fit the image of a pop star. It is suitable to switch on the go from work mode to chilling at evening mixers

Freedom And Colour

Say you are the startup owner of a thriving non-profit or business, Sisiano’s The Mia is loose on the side and attractive to a stylish, time-ordered workaholic who does not wish to wear their busy life. This outfit is also perfect for a getaway.

New Year Feel

No more feeling formal while it feels like work will never end. Blazers whisper softly to the scrutinizing sense of a watching audience who cares to notice your style. You can live that in Mai Atafo’s hybrid of styles that considers C-suites and the room for bromance.

Les Heat?… Stay Chic!

Roseline 'Liquorose' Afije

Roseline ‘Liquorose’ Afije

Heatwaves all year round come along with so much discomfort that everyone can do without. Moving around the megacity of Lagos feels more difficult with the sweltering heat that messes up carefully applied makeup and leaves women always with a need to retouch. It matters to be comfortable, and this starts with the ideal clothing. Wherever the scene, the blistering hot impact of global warming is changing the choices people make with regards to fashion.

Yet, they are not trapped in the sting of heat – there are opportunities in a stylish wardrobe that shields one from the hot days ahead.

Armed And Ready



Clothes that expose the arms are perfect for a rather hot day. Feeling the breeze dash through can help you to feel less warm.

Short ‘N’ Sweet

Omowunmi Onalaja

Omowunmi Onalaja


Keeping it short in a skirt used to be a thing up to the nineties. Nowadays, it is the age of jeans reaching down to the feet. Although it facilitates sharpness for a busy day, it does not guarantee the coolness of the breeze to pass through you as it should. Opt for shorts instead.

Billow Away

Jennifer Hudson

Jennifer Hudson

Wide, flowing gowns can open up your body to the abundance of air from over and underneath you. Like loosely-tied tents, in their fragile texture, they flow with wind direction the way curtain linen would move.

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