7 Must-Have Fashion Trends Of 2022

The fantastic conclusion of the Fashion Week last year gave us a peek behind the curtains at what the fashion ecosystem has in store for menswear in 2022. And although the spectrum and categories of what menswear actually is, they addressed the comfy, cosy, light, stylish, purposeful, and sustainable elements of what a new year’s fashion trend should hold— with a strain of post-pandemic DNA imbued in it.

Transmogrified twists to conventional blazers, extremely loosely-fitted clothing, short shorts, suit and shorts, and more are some of what this year has to offer and what you need to get your hands on to keep heads turning

Flared Pants

This now – trendy ’70s inspired style is one you’ll see a lot of this year. Experimented on by several designers with different soft and fluid fabrics, its vintage style exudes style and class. Just throw on a loose-fitting silk shirt and a pair of Rick Owens loafers and you’re ready to make a classic statement.

Go Sleeveless

The likes of Prada and Dolce & Gabbana have already taken a nod in this direction.

Not adding a sleeveless vest to your collection would be a bad idea. After all, wouldn’t you want to show off all the progress for not missing arm day at the gym?

Keep It Short

You should have seen this coming and if you did, kudos to you. Short shorts or Bermuda-style shorts is another trend 2022 will see a lot more of. Perfect for a sunny day at the beach or a quaint afternoon out with friends.

Get A Modern Blazer

Every man should own a new-age blazer. In recent years, we’ve seen designers take unorthodox routes towards what we’ve known them to be by adding character and personality to their pieces. Having a few in your wardrobe adds a few more stylish options to your choices.

Airy and Roomy

Making room in your closet with this easy-breezy and light clothing trend can do you no wrong. On an occasion when something free-flowing is required, opting for a super-light roomy shirt is never a wrong choice. And with the increased heat wave, buying this fashion item would offer some form of cool.

Pull Out Those Scarves

Wether you drape it over your shoulders, tie it gracefully around your neck, or over the lower half of your face like a face mask, it doesn’t matter because you’ll look stylish regardless of whichever way you choose to morph this fashion staple.

Not So Short Shorts

Having different variations of Capri shorts in your wardrobe allows you to take a break from long stemming pants. Whether it’s one that gently clinches your calves or one that hangs freely, you’ve got a fashion piece on your hands nonetheless.

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