Ways To Style Your Bookshelf

Aside from storage for books, a bookshelf adds life and colour to a space by boosting aesthetics as style is blended into storage. A bookshelf is not meant to be owned by just book enthusiasts because books aren’t read only by book lovers. Everyone needs a bookshelf. Any paper you own that has words written on it needs to be kept on a bookshelf; it could be school books, office materials, work records, business documents, recipe books, novels, or religious books. You should also know that the way you arrange your books on a bookshelf sometimes makes reading a book difficult and tiring. Here are some simple pointers to help you step up your bookshelf styling game.

Leave Spaces Between Your Books

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Do not cluster all your books together. Leave spaces between them to allow for air because stuffing them together will only make them easily worn out and stressful to look at.

Layer in Artworks and Objects

Tiny artwork pieces placed towards the back of a shelf or beside a book add depth and pattern. Also, when placed in the spaces available, fancy objects help give your bookshelf an aura of ease. Artworks and objects, when judiciously used with the spaces available between books, make the bookshelf appear aesthetically pleasing to the eyes and mentally soothing to the brain.


Sorting your books by colour makes your bookshelf look like a rainbow. Who doesn’t like looking at the rainbow? When you walk past your bookshelf, the colours will automatically draw you to it, and before you know it, you will find yourself reading a book. Styling your bookshelf by colour is an excellent way to increase the number of times you visit it.

Play Around With Arrangement Styles

Variety is the spice of life. You don’t have to stick to just the vertical, horizontal or diagonal style of book arrangement. Flex around with all of them. You can spice things up by arranging your science books horizontally, diagonally placing your novels, and keep your inspirational books vertically. Styling your bookshelf with all the different book arrangement styles doesn’t make it look mismatched. Rather, it gives it a touch of creativity.

Utilise Bookends

A bookend plays a vital role in decorating bookshelves. It has both work and aesthetic value, as it serves a unique purpose and can also enhance the beauty of a bookshelf. It is used for keeping the books in position, especially paperbacks and slimmer books, which are less likely to stay upright; therefore, it keeps your books organised at all times. You can use heavy and sturdy decor or architectural pieces to salvage as a bookend. If you want your books to remain in the position you placed them, and you also want to add a sense of style to your bookshelf at the same time, then utilising bookends in styling your bookshelf is your best bet.

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