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As a designer, colour is your most powerful tool due to its influential and communicative nature, and it is the most vast, with over 16.8 million types. It doesn’t matter if you are an amateur decor designer or a seasoned professional; you know firsthand the incredible impact of colour. Colour evokes emotion and has an impact on our perception. With the vast array of available colour options, the colour scheme for your next design is infinite. Here are some amazing colour combinations to inspire your next project.

Moss Green + Tan + White

There is no combination as perfect as moss green, tan, and white for nature lovers. This rich, delicate, and classy combination is here to stay. Natural textured fabrics like linen, burlap, and hemp complement this palette. Nature-inspired artwork can be added to dramatize this combo further.

Black + Red

It pays to be brave! The drama unfolds in oodles when there is a medley of red and black. This combination packs a punch and is perfect for focal points in dens, parlours, hallways, and stairways. It envelopes the room and its inhabitants with a ferocity that cannot tolerated by all.

White + Pops of Colour

White paint serves as a blank canvas on which your imagination can run wild. Pops of colour in a mural, abstract shapes, or artwork can also adorn this canvas as every element gets highlighted and showcased in white. However, overuse of this theme may get chaotic if crowded with details.

Hunter Green + Red

This combination is a chic masterpiece recipe if used well and is not for the weak of the heart. It lends young and vibrant energy to any room. You can expect to be blown away by its discernable old-world charm when paired with the correct furnishings.

Grey + Sand + Blue

If you are looking for a nautical or coastal vibe that is not done to death, look no further. The grouping of blue, sand, and a touch of grey is refreshingly beach-like. This palette is instrumental in designing interiors that have a sophisticated, modern, yet easygoing air. The dining and living room can seem welcoming when donned in this palette.

Black + White

For ages, classic black and white have been the favourite colour schemes in interior design. No matter how you use it, this combination rarely goes wrong. You can use either white colour on the walls and furnish the room with black – and vice versa — or add them in radial patterns around the room to create vibration and rhythm.


Trying out colour combinations is always exciting as you are eager to transform the space into an enchanting visual masterpiece. However, things can get messy and complicated if you mix and match the wrong colours.

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