LIVING: Healthy Tips to Know this Ramadan

Yet again another month of Ramadan is upon us. During this holy month, Muslims are required to fast from dawn to sunset each day for 30 days and are to refrain from vices such as drinking and smoking.

This period can be hard for Muslims not to be able to eat whatever they want and also limiting the amount of energy they exert on daily tasks. Staying hydrated and energised can be a tough ask of anyone during this duration compounded with the natural hustle and bustle of Nigeria.

But where there’s a will there is a way. Here are a few tips that will help you ride this holy month like a boss.

Focus on what you eat

As simple and cliche as this might sound, it’s one of the most misconstrued parts of this holy month. The meal eaten at dawn (Suhür) is very crucial. It gives the body the required nourishment for it to keep running optimally.

Skipping this meal doesn’t make you an expert in fasting. There is no such thing. High fibre and protein meals should be an important part of your diet.

While munching during dusk (iftãr), resist the urge to bombard yourself with breakfast, lunch, dunch and dinner all at the same time and focus on getting your energy levels back up.

Dates and lots of water Isotonic drinks are a good source of energy, minerals and vitamins. Going to bed with a heavy stomach will increase the chances of constipation during Ramadan.

Meals to avoid

Stay away from salt, caffeine, fried and processed food during this holy month.

The inclusion of too much salt during the preparation of meals can cause dehydration while fasting and increased heart levels. The diuretic effect caused by caffeine is a reason why it should be avoided.

Sugar, fried and processed food during this period and after isn’t advisable because of the health threat they pose. Swapping them out for healthier alternatives will do a world of good.

Cleanliness is next to…


Refrain from using this period to exhibit certain unhygienic tendencies. Dental hygiene shouldn’t be overlooked! Think not of yourself but those around you.

Persons with lengthy beards should endeavour to groom them properly to avoid food particles from falling into them.

Make time for a nap

Keeping everything in moderation is important during Ramadan and this also reflects during taking naps and resting. Sleeping the whole day is a technique young people use to pass time till dusk but It isn’t the best use of time now is it?


This may or may not come to you as a surprise but keeping physically active during Ramadan has its health benefits. Abstain from high intensity work out and focus on keeping it light and simple.

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