Eco-friendly Ways Of Living

With so many environmental issues to contend with across the globe, there is no better time to make conscious decisions with regard to the way we live. Several building projects going on in Lagos have the megacity looking like a construction site. The building drive also means extra air pollution for Lagosians. Leaving things unchanged promises huge consequences for wellbeing. All the same, you can make a routine out of useful hacks that ensure protection from pollution in your home. Intentional living on your part could reverse any damage that is being done through indoor air pollution.


Clean, Moderated Energy

Around here, natural gas processing is considered the cleanest source of energy. It can power cars and the technology you use at home for cooking. When it has been domesticated, natural gas makes it into cylinders that power household meals. Embracing such a clean energy source beats other fossil fuel-sourced pollutants like kerosene or the burning of precious trees but only when applied in moderation. If not, you will have a daily host of indoor air pollution which families can do without. To moderate excesses in your living space, you can decrease the amount of gas in use while you have your cooker turned on in the kitchen or nearby lawn where delicious dishes are made. That could significantly lower any health threats arising from indoor air pollution.


Letting in Air

It is all about positioning. How you arrange your apartment to let in air. It is likely that the shortage of space to expand and make tweaks have you feeling cramped. Fortunately, there is a way out with air purifiers. They safeguard your indoor environment from pollution. Should this not be available, air conditioning systems installed in your home creates a scene where the air feels clean and you can experience free-flowing air.


Host a Houseplant

A way to make your residence habitable demands from you the attitude of cultivation. By growing a curious houseplant for instance. The presence of one in your living room promises a treat since such plants will be bringing their natural behaviour of converting CO2 into oxygen. Nursing a plant is a welcomed therapy to enhance mental wellbeing and it would also block air pollution from making a base out of your residence. Instead, you are surrounded by cleaner air.


Green life

Outside Help

Careful, thoughtful actions can make the quest for an eco-friendly environment something that is achievable. Doing this hinges on adopting better ways to organise your surroundings. Trees planted around your house are more important than ever. They could help with creating room for indoor cooling. This works when the breeze they generate from the outside makes it into your interior. They are worth paying attention to if you are to get away from heatwaves.

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