Davido Is Back and Comes Bearing A Gift For His Fans

Nigerians have been dreaming of the day Davido will hit back on the internet and give us the good music we have been craving for long. Prior to last year, Davido lost his son to unforeseen circumstances and he went on a hiatus of healing, grieving and trying to conceal his pain before he came back to the outside world.

It was a terrible tragedy and Nigerians and its citizens sent their condolences. Davido which real name is ( David Adeleke) is a popular and well recognized international artist. whose songs have filled the hearts of the world. He’s super talented and there is joy in listening to his sound each time it drops for everyone to listen too.

Finally, we get to listen to him sing with a jaw dropping surprise of his latest and fourth album dropping this March 31. Named: “Timeless.” He posted a video on all his socials about what the album simply means to him. It’s an album of healing, peace and love. In his words, “ There is a time for everything. A time to Grieve and a time to Heal, A time to Laugh and a time to Dance. A time to Speak & A time for Silence.

Thank you to everyone out there for your love and that has held me down. My next album “TIMELESS” is here, March 31st. All the love and messages while I was away, the gifts sent, the concerts you all threw! I appreciate it all. Today, I want to remind you all that what is now Timeless, was once new. It’s time for something new.”

This gave utmost joy to Nigerians and to other fans across the globe. Davido has fans all over the world who genuinely love and appreciate the craft of his music. The album is more like a surprise and we are happy he is back on his feet. His fans can’t wait to get hold of this album and everyone is talking about it. It is a trending topic and it brought joy to his fans immediately he posted it online. We are yet to know what artists are on it or have a track list. Either way, they will be streaming and jamming to it sooner.

The video posted showed some visuals which wills definitely be a part of the album and it was a beautiful one. The post on Instagram had up to 100+ comments and counting and a million + likes and counting too. We all missed him and are happy he’s fully back to give us that sound. All davido ever did for his fans, is to give them good music and also connect with them on every level. People around him have confirmed that he is a sweet soul to be hanging around with. He is a philanthropist and a great artist.

Let’s hang on till 31st March as we get to unveil the “Timeless album” by Davido. You wouldn’t want to be left hanging.

Onwumere Ikenna Churchill
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