The Role Of Culture In People From Mixed Origins, More Especially The Africans

We were taught about culture in school, and we recited this daily to the people around us:

Culture is the way of life of a people in a country or society. This was the first and only definition of culture in our minds and heads. Fast forward to now, we live our lives based on how we were raised, and this includes the culture of the society we were birthed gracefully into.

Nigeria, the giant of Africa, is diverse in many ethnic groups and origins. The top three are Yoruba, Hausa and Igbo. Each culture has its way of defining a person and how they are raised in society.

Nigeria also breeds its own culture and values, which each citizen must adhere to. This culture Nigeria has is based on the constitution, and it is justified. Notwithstanding, ethnic groups also play a massive role in our lives.

We are born into different cultures of tribes, and we can see that by the way we; speak, eat, dress and greet. It defines us, and we embrace it fully with satisfaction. People born from two different tribes focus on their father’s origin. For example, children whose parents are Yoruba and Igbo, given that the father’s side is Igbo, are of the Igbo culture and will have to learn and embrace it. But it doesn’t mean they can’t practice or learn their mother’s culture.

Gone are the days of self-restricting yourself from fully understanding your family values and traditions. Our culture saves us, and it’s wise, if you’re mixed, to carefully understand both by any means. This is the role you play in your life and your country, removing the thought of tribalism.

People from mixed origins do not have to freight, this is a good thing, and you get the chance to showcase your identity and play parts in saying: “Though we are diverse in our ways, we are united as we keep the sanity growing in the country.”

Furthermore, if we link this to the whole of Africa, it will be the same thing we are talking about. But, there has been this constant drama online about how the culture of another African country is far better. A child whose dad is from Nigeria and mum is from Ghana should see an advantage rather than a comparison of either of the countries being better, or does it even mean that they must understudy one and shame the other? We are diverse but United Africans.

The culture of Africa is deeply rooted, and it varies due to the manifold, consisting of a mixture of countries with various tribes that each have their unique characteristic from the continent of Africa.

Generally, culture can be defined as a collective mass of distinctive qualities belonging to a particular group of people. These qualities include laws, morals, beliefs, knowledge, art (music, dance, artefacts & writings), customs, and any other attributes belonging to a member of that society. They can be seen as the dominant traits that distinguish us from the rest of the world.

Even though African cultures are widely diverse, studies have shown that we are similar in how we uphold our morals and values, love and respect for our culture, and those who are important and guide us. You don’t need to identify more than the other. You can identify as both if you’re of Ghanaian and Nigerian descent.

Overall, the role of culture in people of mixed origins in Africa is complex and varies depending on a range of factors, including personal identity, upbringing, external influences, and the diversity of African cultures.

Onwumere Ikenna Churchill
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