Travel Better: How To Beat Jetlag

Almost everyone enjoys travelling — exploring new places, trying new dishes, connecting with new people. However, feeling jetlagged after a long flight is something no one wants because the fatigue, insomnia, and mood swing that comes with it is just too burdening. That jetlag feeling will go away with time, but you probably don’t have the patience to wait for it to go at its own time because the more it lingers, the more you fall behind your schedule. Here are some tips to help you get over jetlag more swiftly and get back into your routine more smoothly.

Quickly Forget Your Old Time Zone

You can’t be at two different places simultaneously; you have to pick a side, which should be your current location. Consciously teach your mind to remember that you are in a new place, so ensure you eat and sleep according to your new destination’s time. Your devices will automatically update clocks, but if it is on manual settings, you should reset the time immediately after departure.

Drink Water

You probably avoid drinking water because you don’t want many bathroom breaks during travel. You might want to think again about this decision because drinking water helps you manage jetlag symptoms and travel fatigue. Be sure to drink enough water in-flight and also upon arrival.

The Melatonin Effect

Melatonin is a natural sleep inducer that your body produces. When you travel, your body’s timing of melatonin production might be thrown off, affecting your sleep pattern. When this happens, you can take melatonin supplements to help realign your internal clock, but this has to be done based on a doctor’s prescription so you don’t suffer adverse side effects.

Light Therapy

Light has a big influence on your internal clock; exposure to it at your destination speeds up your acclimation to the new time zone, but it depends on what time of the day you arrive, so do not rush into it immediately. If your arrival is at night, then it is best you leave the light exposure exercise until the next day. You should also avoid artificial light for your light therapy, except it is a powered lamp. The best light to be exposed to for light therapy is natural light.

Do Not Schedule Your First Day

Leave your activity schedule as free as possible for the first day after your arrival. If you do not, you will likely feel jetlagged longer than you should. Freeing up your schedule will help you regulate your sleep pattern quicker, giving you enough time to work on getting yourself back into routine.

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