How To Live A Less Stressful Life

You probably always run away from anything stressful, but regardless of how hard you try to avoid it, you feel stressed almost every day. This is simply because stress is an unavoidable part of life. You may not be able to prevent it, but you can most definitely manage it. It is unhealthy to let stress build-up, so here are some stress management tips to help you live a less stressful life.


You can take on more than one activity, but don’t try to do it at the same time; finish with one before diving into another. Trying to do so many things simultaneously to save time will only leave you confused, with unnecessary frustration and zero accomplishments, as you will likely not get anything done. You can make your life less stressful by teaching yourself to focus on one thing at a time. Being busy isn’t why you feel overstressed; it is how you do the things that keep you busy that determines your stress level. Clear your desk of distractions and pick one project to work on.


You may not know this, but holding on to a grudge is slow death, and the person slowly dying is you. The energy that comes with anger eats away at your body, mind, and spirit; everything around you upsets you, and even the easiest activity stresses you out. Every morning, you wake up with a heavy heart, feeling resentful rather than optimistic. This makes living feel like a chore, so stress becomes your most felt emotion. It might interest you to know that you are the only person at a loss. Just let it go, let the grudge go, and watch how your life becomes less stressful and easier to live.


Holding on to the past makes it difficult to live in the present. It stresses you out as you are neither here nor there. When you wear past-coloured glasses, you can’t truly experience the present for what it is because you take up a full-time job in comparison, and comparison is the most nerve-wracking activity to do. Do something daily to stay active, and fill your to-do list with activities to help you think less about your past.


Bad things are stressful to look at, so why do you only ever see the bad in you? You should commend yourself even more than you condemn yourself. Give you your flowers when necessary. Compliments are highly therapeutic, very energizing, and stress relieving. Give yourself the gift of seeing the good in you, and you will be amazed by how much it helps you combat your daily stress.

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