Styling A Home For The Elderly

Older people have special needs when it comes to daily life. To ensure that a living environment is convenient for them, you have to tweak the furniture layout and make some sensible architectural choices. There are decor ideas you can incorporate to create a safe and secure space for them without needing to compromise on aesthetics. Follow these decor tips to create a safe, comfortable, and accessible living space for older people.

Let The Light In

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Bringing sunlight into a place makes the dimensions feel larger, so if you were thinking of going for dark-coloured blinds, you should replace them with a lighter colour instead to draw in natural light. Natural light is critical for aged wellness, offering vitamin D and improving the mood. It is also nature’s way of keeping our bodily clock on a healthy sleep schedule. You should also ensure proper visibility in their room at night by infusing bedside lamps.

Use Splashes Of Colour

Use colour accents to bring the outside in and make it feel like home. Having the pillows, furniture, and rugs in warm colours can create a warm feeling. Whatever atmosphere you are seeking to create can be achieved with colours.

Swap A Square Table For A Round One

Swapping a square table for a round one is a simple solution that could save legs from bruising in a home for the aged.

Go For Higher Beds, Furniture

Sometimes, low furniture can make it difficult for older people to get up and sit down independently. For them, a higher bed is essential, such that the feet can reach the floor when seated on the edge of the mattress. Additionally, it should have a padded headboard that provides soft cushioning for them to rest comfortably. Here is a little tip: If you are considering opening a public space for all age brackets while you shop for furniture, purchase pieces at a standard height so the aged can also feel comfortable.

Bathroom Needs

Bathrooms can be hazardous zones, especially for the elderly. Injuries getting on and off the toilet are relatively high in people aged 65 and older. Grab bars are a must-have as they offer additional support to hold on to while sitting down or getting up. They can also double as towel rails, but do not try to use built-in towel rails as grab bars. Also, the combination of slippery soaps and wet floors can be harmful; installing benches in the shower area is also a good idea as it is safer for seniors to take showers while seated. Another thing is the installation of slip-resistant floors. This is also good as it will aid in making the bathroom safer and reduce bathroom accidents.

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