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Figurine Decor Inspo For Your Living Room

There are many ways to decorate your home. Whether you live alone or share a space with others, you can do a lot to beautify your living room, as it is the most exposed part of your house. One of the most luxurious and artistic props to use is statuettes.

Whether inspired by wildlife, African heritage or just abstract characters, you can place these statuettes on your TV dresser, in select corners of your living room, dining table, or centre table.

There are no restrictions when it comes to figurine placements. But what are some of the fancy
ones, you might ask? Here are some that are bound to give your parlour a noticeable facelift.

Abstract Characters

Abstract characters may look like they have little to no significance, but that is what makes them beautiful; the fact that we ascribe meaning to them. After all, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

Abstract Thinker Decorify

Modern and Simple Woman Figurine

African Heritage

Africa is perhaps the continent with the richest culture. From Egypt to Ghana, down  to our very
own Nigerian artefacts, there is a wide array of options to beautify your space and celebrate our

Akua’ba African Fertility Statue

Queen Nefertiti


Nothing says natural like wildlife. Although humanity is in a constant unending battle to preserve whatever is left of our wildlife offerings, you can place sculptures of them as ornaments in your home.

3D Wall-Mounted Giraffe Head Sculpture

Nordic Leopard Statue



Several objects that are toy-like make for beautiful statuettes in the house. There
are a few worth investing in.

A Sculpture by KAWS

Desk Physics Orbit Sculpture

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