Replenish Your Aura With These 4 Spiritual Cleansing Rituals

Have you ever slept well one night but didn’t feel refreshed or like yourself the next? Or do you walk into a room where there’s just a horrible vibe? After meeting someone, you can experience a wave of bad karma. You try to go back to sleep, crossing your fingers that when you wake up, the unpleasant feeling will be gone, but it doesn’t, and, to make matters worse, you feel exhausted or overworked all day.

Sometimes in life, things just feel off, and you could feel physically, mentally, and emotionally bogged down. You might just need spiritual cleansing to get out of that funk when that time comes.
Some people might find it unusual to hear this; even assuming it is related to religion wouldn’t be out of place.

After all, it’s frequently used simultaneously with spirituality, isn’t it? The practice of performing a spiritual cleansing, which purges the energy space of unfavourable energies, has everything to do with this spirituality and nothing to do with that (religion.)

Without your knowledge, negativity can cling to your body like a leech and your surroundings, such
as your house or place of employment. An energetic field, commonly referred to as an aura, surrounds your body. You and your energetic body are shielded by it, much like a force field.

However, our aura might get congested if we frequently come into contact with low energies of unpleasant emotion. As a result, it is no longer able to protect us from future bad things. Hence the need to replenish it.

The spirit, soul, and body are all components of a single, integrated machine. And when one part
doesn’t function properly, it disturbs the balance of the body and causes disruptions in the flow of
events. You will experience a resonance across your entire existence if one aspect of you begins to
malfunction. That’s why a spiritual cleansing ritual is like a shower, except that it’s for your aura.

Bath Salt

Relax Sea Bath Salt


Naturally, it has long been understood that water is beneficial both within and outside the body and has therapeutic characteristics. It has been used to perform rites of purification on individuals since the beginning of time. Your body is not the only thing that water can clean. The harmful energy that is lodged in your spiritual body is absorbed and carried away by it.


Himalayan Bath Salt CLARITY BLEND

To perform a spiritual cleansing bath ritual, you’d need things like; sea salt, Epsom salts, or pink Himalayan salts. Preferably, you could add some essential oils, flowers or teas, and crystals in or around your bath water.

Santo Sticks

Palo Santo Sticks


Smudging can be compared to having a purifying smoke bath. A braid or bundle of dried herbs is all that is required for a smudging process. Light one end of the bundle, then slowly wave it in a circle around you. This ritual would help you corn off the negative energies around you.


Burning a garden or white sage is the most common herb used for smudging, but herbs like cedar, sweetgrass, and palo santo are good choices as well.

Custom Infused Auric Sprays

Image From Pinterest


A spiritual bath can cleanse your aura and vitality but with a multipurpose spray, you can accomplish two goals at once. It can purify the energy in your home as well as your aura. A spray container, roughly 60% distilled water, 40% unscented witch hazel, and any preferred essential oils are all you need

Cleansing With Crystals


Crystals have a remarkable capacity for energy absorption, repulsion, and attraction. Use your crystals to meditate, or place them in strategic locations about your home to dispel negative energy or attract positive energy. The ability to carry crystals in a pocket or backpack is much greater. Rose quartz, amethyst, and selenite are some examples of aura cleansing crystals.

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