Make Your Home Smarter With These 6 Gadgets

The demand for a comfortable and opulent smart home has increased dramatically in Lagos. Who wouldn’t want a house like the ones that are so romanticised in Hollywood movies? Of course, without the part where they take over and start autonomously wreaking havoc. One of the most advanced things you could do is speak to your house; when you give it instructions, it understands and carries them out without any trouble.

Stay with us if your home was previously dumb and you want to retrofit it with some technology to make it smarter. There are a few things for you here.



A Working Wi-Fi

The most important thing for every smart home is a good Wi-Fi network. You don’t want to be locked out of your house if you forget your keys inside the house and your alternative needs Wi-Fi, which you do not have.


Image from Wi-Fi


Amazon Echo Dot with Clock

At the top of the list is this spherically attractive speaker with a built-in voice assistant. Having a few of these in rooms around your house is the right first step to telling your home what to do.

Echo Dot With Clock AMAZON


Arlo Q Security Camera

Motion detection notification, if someone is in your home, 1080p HD recording and an easy-to-use app are some of the important features of this high-end security camera.

Security Camera ARLO Q


August Wi-Fi Smart Lock

Save yourself stress if you have keys jangling about when you can open it ‘open sesame style.’ It comes with DoorSense, a feature that lets you know if your door has been left open.

Wi-Fi Smart Lock AUGUST


Nest Doorbell

Either wired or using a battery, your home remains safe regardless. With a vertical aspect ratio of 3:4, you see more. You also get a device that recognises familiar faces, vehicles and animals.

Doorbell NEST


Wemo Wi-Fi Smart Plug

This is the cherry on top of all these gadgets. The smart plug is compact and smart and is what is going to turn those lamps on when the orders are echoing around the room.

Wi-Fi Smart Plug WEMO

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