What Comes Next: Futurism And The Digital Revolution

I watched the above video of theoretical physicist and professor, Michio Kaku giving a talk on the future of technology and what is next in the increasingly more dependent relationships man has with technology. His answer was equal parts astonishing and a bit ambitious. I’ll delve into a few below but it got me thinking about just how far we have already come as a species.

Technology unimaginable to the 1800s line the pockets of every human on the planet. We have metal hulks floating in the air and some leaving our atmosphere. Claims of toilets that can test for cancer and driverless cars sharing our highways are honestly not unimaginable and honestly might be a common occurrence within the next decade.

The part of his speech where I did get a little skeptical was the section where he began talking about the sharing of memories instead of emojis. Even with the showcase of Elon Musk’s Neuralink successfully melding machine and monkey brain together, true human-machine interaction is very far into the future. His mention of “Perfect Capitalism” also struck me as more worrisome than admirable. In a society where demand and supply alone rule our markets, I couldn’t help but feel a little worried about those that would slip through the cracks.

I do understand that Futurism as a rule deals with heady ideas that may be a little too heavy-handed for most people. I also must state that Kaku never posited a timeline for any of these discoveries. What he is talking about may become a reality centuries after we’re all gone. In that case, how can I definitively say he is incorrect? This is the dilemma of the futurist. Doomed to the fate of Cassandra of Greek myth, they herald a future they may never live to see.


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