Oddbod & The City: We’re Not in Kansas Lagos Anymore…

Broadcasting live and direct from the eye of the storm, literally

I had grand plans of reporting the pleasures of a girly road trip to Birmingham, which had a suitable travel time and a famous library I wanted to walk through. The kid was excited to visit a huge Primark. I frankly can’t think of anything worse, but it seems like I am raising a shopaholic (I can’t wait until she can sponsor herself).

Like they say, having a daughter is the same as having a broke best friend that’s your responsibility! Instead, I am sitting out Storm Eunice thanks to a stern warning from Mr. Mayor himself—so don’t try to convince me that climate change is not real. We’re being buffeted by top winds of 122mph, some of the highest gust winds ever recorded in England.

My teenager is, of course, not finding any of this funny. In direct opposition to the DNA I gave her, this child hates to be inside and keeps suggesting we go out and brave it. If I didn’t love her so much, it might be amusing to see her get hit by a flying tree just so she would stop pestering me. On a more serious note, hundreds of schools closed after we were put on red alert. There was widespread parental scramble to make last-minute emergency logistic arrangements to collect their children, as flights were grounded and train services were cancelled.

Storms aside, it has been a perfectly lovely half term here in London town, and as usual, I have spent my time doing my favourite thing… eating good food.

The Ivy Brasserie Kensington

My wifey and I were fully immersed in mama duties. We dropped the kids off at a friend’s, and with some hours to kill before pick up, she suggested a charming spot on High Street Kensington.

This member of the Caprice Holding Group has been around since 2015, and despite walking past it too many times to count, this was my first visit.

The interior is what I will call solid English antique; chic, gorgeous dark green leather banquettes, diamond pattern marble floors, gorgeous humongous flower arrangements, and walls papered in historic artwork. Despite all this, the atmosphere is relaxed and welcoming, with just the right amount of pampering thrown in. They encourage walk-ins and always have few tables left not booked for that exact reason.

It is the perfect place for breakfast, elevenses, afternoon tea, and dinner. The menu is modern British comfort food with some of my absolute favourites in attendance: fish and chips, rib-eye steak, a full cream tea. You know, all the good stuff.

The wifey (a regular) suggested I try an outrageously delicious crispy duck salad. Warm crispy duck with five spice dressing, toasted cashews, watermelon, beansprouts, sesame seeds, coriander, and ginger. That’s right. I said watermelon and warm crispy duck! An absolute melody on the tongue, and I had to taste it myself to believe it.

Next up, I tucked into the famous shepherd’s pie with chunky slow-braised lamb leg and beef, red wine sauce, and cheddar potato mash.

Sensible portion sizes meant I had enough space to finish with a sticky toffee pudding. If you want to see how well that went down, I suggest you check out my stories @oddbodandthecity today, where I will be posting the Santi it brought on.

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