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There is something soothing about nature gazing. Nature has this satisfying side that makes everything around it feel calm and complements each other in such a pitch-perfect symphony. Nature spots are highly recommended when you want to recuperate or de-stress. Bask yourself in its therapeutic euphoria and let it wash off the worry that makes you heavy.

These are some breathtaking nature spots in the different states of Nigeria that will leave you enthralled and captivated.

Wikki Warm Spring – Bauchi

You can find this natural spa at the highly glorified national park for wildlife – the Yankari National Park in Bauchi state. There are four warm springs in Yankari, but the Wikki Warm Spring is the biggest due to the geothermal activity below the park. A consistent temperature of 31°C allows visitors to delight in warm water while cooling in a serene environment, canopied by nature. You would want to dive into this gorgeous pool of water with a mere gaze at it. It is a perfect cool-off spot for nature lovers who also enjoy the pleasures of water.

The Obudu Mountain Resort – Cross River

Nature can be tricky; we see this trickiness at the Obudu Mountain Resort. The weather is highly unpredictable; it’s sunny one minute, the next, it’s drizzling, and then it gets so misty you can barely see what’s before you. However, these are parts of the many reasons why this nature spot is unique and loved. Other reasons include a mini waterfall, a tree house, a canopy walkway, a natural swimming pool, a cable cab, and the holy mountain. The holy mountain was discovered by the missionaries many years ago, and now people visit it a lot to have quiet moments with The Creator and with themselves. This location has a scenery you can call one of a kind.

Gurara Waterfall – Niger

Located in the Gurara, Niger state, is the Gurara waterfalls, a recreational centre with plans to be turned into a resort. It has a natural ambience fueled by the sound of the waterfall. When the water is calm and clear in the early months of the year, swimming in the pool just under the Gurara is possible, although somewhat dangerous. However, it is pretty difficult to resist the urge to have a feel of the refreshing water. Gurara Waterfalls gives the best water therapy.

Idanre Hill – Ondo

The fact that the Idanre people lived on these boulders for almost a millennium is one of the fascinating things about this beautiful natural landscape. Located in Ondo state, the Idanre Hill is an intriguing landscape that provides a bird-eye view of the state from its top. If you love hiking, Idanre Hill is an excellent fun destination.

Lekki Conservation Center – Lagos

Famously known for being home to the longest canopy bridge in Africa, the Lekki Conservation Center, also known as LCC, is an excellent place to see nature in Lagos. You enjoy green scenery and some distinct animals at this mesmerising nature spot. Getting to the end of the canopy bridge is something you want to add to your bucket list. The feeling of that achievement is everything and more.

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