Louder… For My Ladies In The Back Because It’s Still Women’s Month!

I met Teni the Entertainer for the first time about five years ago, well before she became famous, before her first viral song, when she was still a rookie looking to get a foot in the door. I remember her being playful and charming but still filled with a childlike sense of wonder as she sat in my living room, playing me videos of her singing covers of popular songs. Her sound at the time was so fresh, (and still is) while her style was a definite departure from the female pop-star stereotype sold to us and enforced on many female acts just to be deemed as “more marketable”.

I’m glad that the young lady on our cover today, who has brought big smiles to our faces and captured our hearts with her earnest vocals and happy-go-lucky lyrics, has made it, despite the odds, to the top of the game doing it in her own way, in a body that balks at society’s expectations and with a style that is unapologetically hers. Teni talks about her debut album WONDALAND after an impressive body of work that spans hit single after hit single.
This edition of DOWNTOWN, your new favorite weekly lifestyle magazine, is a bit of a music special as we also spotlight two women in artist management and some of the lessons to take away from their careers. I’m talking about Vanessa Amadi and Osagie Osarenz while our SOROSOKE guest star is Lauretta Cookey who talks us through the often exciting world of backup vocals. Dear Queen, I hope you find some inspiration from the women in this issue as you entertain yourself (couldn’t help it!) and you’ll see us next week!

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