“I Spy With My Little Eye”

If you were asked what a movie titled The Voyeurs was about, your response might be a movie that involves travelling or going on a journey right? Well, clench onto that thought, I’ll address it shortly. I was finally able to leave my apartment— yes, you read correctly and yes, it’s a brag now— after having what could have been symptoms of Omicron or this nasty bug that has been going around. I got to spend the holidays at my sister’s during Christmas. We played musical charades, stuffed our bellies on deliciously-made homemade meals, and watched a bunch of movies. On one of our movie nights, a movie titled The Voyeurs caught my attention—specifically, the Euphoria cast member, Sydney Sweeney.

As the movie nudged on, I discovered that my synopsis of the movie containing some form of odyssey was wrong and it was actually about a sexual fetish I had never known existed but had partaken in. The term Voyeurism is the act of getting sexual gratification from watching or listening to naked or undressed people doing sexual activity. It is a sexual fetish that is acceptable when the participants consent to it, but it can be criminal if done without consent. Now that you know what it is, I’ll let you lounge in the thought of what category I fell under when I unknowingly partook in this fetish.

Voyeurism can be considered inappropriate when the voyeur observes unsuspecting individuals without consent in a private setting. An example would be watching someone in a public dressing room or locker room, or a person’s home. Observing or capturing photographs or videos of another person’s sexual behaviour may constitute non-consensual voyeurism.

The raunchy movie tells the story of a young couple who become tenants of an apartment with quite an astonishing view. The loft dwellers get front row tickets into their neighbours’ apartments and eventually, their lives. However, this unsolicited preview takes an odd turn when they take a keen interest in the glamorous across the street. I’ll put a pin in it here because this isn’t the review page but I strongly recommend—if you can sit through the risque scenes.

After two hours of the erotic thriller, I immediately flipped through the pages of my mind to pinpoint a part where I was a voyeur or constituted in voyeurism. And although some might require handcuffs slapped on my wrists—you’d meet a lot of characters in college— I was able to find one that was entirely consensual. At a time in university, I was in-between apartments so it required me shuffling between friends places. During that phase, I had a stunning neighbour who at the time, was stuck in limbo with her boyfriend. The one-storey lodge was built like a hotel. Two corridors opposite each other were separated by an outdoor railing and a wide gap that would fracture bones and possibly kill anyone who fell victim.

Her apartment was on the ground floor but opposite the one I was squatting in. I wasn’t sure if I was going to stay there long at first but her curvaceous body made the decision easier. Prior to that moment, I had never come to a consensus that quickly in my life.

She had this sultry glare that was compelling. You take one look and her eyes reeled you in. The way she gently slurred her sentences paired with her baby-like voice gave this evident sex appeal and thereupon we got close.

Mind you, the feeling was mutual from her as well, she enjoyed my company and I enjoyed hearing her giggle. At times, she’d text me to come downstairs to keep her company and she’d casually undress while we talked through her window.

One sunny afternoon, I had gone to hers and what began with her taking off her clothes in front of me and slipping into something more comfortable, ended with a private twerk session. Her fluffy throw pillow spent the entire time over my erect phallus. The way she threw glances my way and surrendered her waist to the beats blasting from the speaker made her derrière move cheerily. Being there and watching her unclad filled me with a flurry of emotions and venereal excitement that made what we had albeit with a shelf life, exotic and unusual. These short private sexual showcases continued for a while ranging from sensual dances to open door showers and stripteases.

A lot of which I got sexual gratification from and ultimately ended up in us having all and different types of sex. From slow and passionate to explosive quickies.

It is very obvious to see how this, in many ways, is a felony if not consensual because of how unadulterated and passionate it can be. There should be a level of agreement and understanding between partners if not it’s just creepy and perversely inappropriate. If you do choose to explore this fixation ensure there’s mutual communication and most importantly consent. And for those that are a lot more practical and are excited at the possibility of profound sexual awakening, this fetish might provide, do feel more than welcome to share your experiences with us. Stay protected and lubed up in all your sexual exploitation and if it isn’t too late, Happy Belated New Year to you.

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