Do Cancerians Make The Best Music?

Dates: June 21 to July 22
Symbol: Crab
Planet: Moon
Element: Water
Colour: White


As we bid the Gemini season adieu and welcome the beautiful month of the crabs, we must understand that Cancerians are the crustaceans of the zodiac family. With their ability to exist in both the physical and material planes like their celestial spirit animals, crabs are largely self-protective of their energy. Although they don’t protect themselves with large pincers, they have hard external shells which often makes them seem prideful. However, Cancers just hold off on revealing themselves until they’ve read the room. They are highly intuitive and are often classified as proud and distant but if you stay long enough to know them, Cancers are pure, gentle and they ooze genuine compassion.

Cancers are big on self-care, comfort and protecting their maternal energy. They create a cosy haven for themselves with family, friends or alone. Just like a crab retreating into its shell they cherish and spend a ton of time there. A major trait of these crustaceans is loyalty. Cancers can cross an ocean for those they love and hold dear even if it means forgoing their beliefs. These crabs are the emotional sponges of the zodiac and are also very protective of their sanctuary. This can be misread as overbearing and annoying but it comes from a loving place.

Just as the good is much appreciated, no one is completely rid of bad habits and Cancerians are no different. The bad thing about being an emotional sponge is that all they do is absorb and empathise until they are shackled by the weight of it all without also dealing with their stuff. This results in them being moody, over-sensitive and sometimes vindictive because they expect a Give-and-Take relationship with those they care about which isn’t always the case.

Other behavioural traits include the urge to care for everyone. They have the strongest 6th sense of all Zodiacs. That gives them the ability to read in-between the lines and spot the fakes. Having this crab as a second option in your life isn’t going to work. It’s either they are number one or lose them. Some examples of Cancerians are Mr Eazi, Johnny Drille, Israel Adesanya, Emmanuella and Olu Jacobs.

Burna Boy

Burna Boy

Born on the 2nd of July, Damini Ogulu stands as one of Nigeria’s most controversial artists. He has a ton of statuettes that buttress his exceptional musical prowess, yet he still gets dragged in the mud quite frequently.

Following the traits of a Cancer his outbursts are not without reason. For 29 year old Damini who has made music his sanctuary, his reactions are very on-brand.

These Zodiacs thrive on a give-and-take lifestyle and they expect something in return for their hard work. Which in this case is the respect of Nigerians. In as much as they do respect his genius that doesn’t mean he can’t be checked when his adult tantrums get out of hand.

When that happens, these zodiacs suck it up and that fuels them to attain new heights which in Burna’s case is a Grammy award.



The height, attitude and talent. It all makes sense. This is one very gifted crab. Wizkid is one of the greatest artists out of Nigeria and his zodiac symbol might have a part to play in his success.

Being born on the 16th of July makes him Cancer and although he doesn’t live in Nigeria, a huge part of his success comes from where he planted his roots and he has never let go of that.

On countless occasions has he spoken about political issues ailing Nigeria. He even went as far as joining the ENDSARS protesters on the streets of London. Nigeria has shifted from being just a country to becoming family. It has become a safe place for him.

The discussion of his attitude can be linked to his zodiac. No matter how many jabs you try to throw at Wizkid he simply ignores. Crabs have a 6th sense and can avoid things that negatively affect their energy and disrupt the balance of things in their lives.

That pretty much puts into perspective why he reacts the way he does, how original he sounds and why his social circle is really small.

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