Beautify Your Bedroom With These 4 Minimalist Ideas

The minimalist movement is all the rage in the world of design right now and when properly put together, it results in a space that looks clean, calming, and aesthetically pleasing.

Since your bedroom is the place you go to unwind, reflect, and recover, minimalism there can make a big impact. Such calming, livable, and nurturing qualities of minimalist spaces can be achieved in part through thoughtful design and clutter-free spaces.

Our collection of four minimalist bedroom ideas can help you bring this style to life in your bedroom since it’s where you probably spend most of your time.


Add a Splash of Colour

Art By Godofthe90s

Art By Godofthe90s

Minimalist designs are simple and can often be seen as bland and empty which isn’t always the case. While keeping everything else neutral and consistent, having a statement art piece adds that splash of colour that stands out but doesn’t upset the general balance of the room.

It’s about scaling back to create calming and thoughtful spaces. Adding colourful art brings excitement to the entire space.


Don’t Toss Out Those Collections

Anna Malmberg For Fantastic Frank

Anna Malmberg For Fantastic Frank

No matter what kind of minimalist you are at heart, you can still have an interesting collection of books and magazines. That old Downtown magazine can stay, too. Just stack them neatly.


Mix Rough and Supple Textures

Tamsin Johnsons Interiors

Tamsin Johnsons Interiors

With layers of contrasting texture from linen bedding to velvet headboards and rough side tables, this minimalist room has a sleek grayscale look with hints of personality. Stylish, bright brass lamps add just a hint of warmth and touch of modern style to the room’s cool tones.


Pay Attention to Proportion

Mikeal Axelsson From Fantastic Frank

Mikeal Axelsson From Fantastic Frank

The following guides will help you design your new Lagos apartment if you’re unsure about how to decorate it.

In small spaces and where everything must carry its weight, proportion and scale can be excellent design tools. This bedroom, for instance, achieves this through the oversized pendant.

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