Understand The First Zodiac With These 2 ARIES


12months later, and we are back to where it all began, the Rams. They are ruled by Mars; a planet of desire, action, war, and heat. Aries are individualistic, brave, and bold but that also makes them impatient and reckless. Diving first and asking questions later is one way to describe how rams are when they are passionate about something. ‘Now’ and ‘Go’ are words that live in the vocabulary of Aries. There’s no time to slow down, pump the brakes, and process. The flame that burns brightly and fiercely in them also needs to be fed, fanned, and nurtured because of how quickly it burns out. Anything that moves must surely come to a halt and the rams are no different.
They too become stuck in a rut of negativity. Relax Aries, if you keep jutting forward you miss out on things that could be of help on the way. As far as leadership goes, Rams have all the makings of a confident leader. Their burning passion, ambition, and motivation help them build a community with their cheerful disposition and relentless determination.

When it comes to their sexual proclivities, these rams like it just the same way; fast-paced and at high bursts of intensity. They get riled up by the opportunity to take charge and get down. When it comes to relationships, Aries usually need a partner who will allow them to be their boldest, most fiery selves. Aries/Mars energy is also fiercely protective of loved ones and is all about advocating for those they care about. They are a good teammate or partner to have on your side. This means you’ve subscribed to their solicited and unsolicited two cents. If you don’t have one of them in your friendship circle, check again; you do. Rams make friends easily though it’s not uncommon for them to lose touch or have one leg in and the other out of friend groups, as they like to keep things interesting and experience new things. The likes of Pharell Wiliams, Lady Gaga, Halle Bailey, and Mariah Carey are notable Rams to acclimatise yourself with.

Banky W


The former EME label owner and artist falls under the Aries zodiac. He was born March 27.



It just makes sense that this woman singer is also a Ram. She was born 19th of April.

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