Leo Season: Does Being A Celestial Lion Edge You Closer To An Olympic Medal?

Moon-ruled cancer asked us to dig deep into our deepest emotional needs. However, with Leo, which is ruled by the sun we have that light at that end of the crab infested tunnel. It might take a while for Leo chakras to adjust to the onslaught of new seismic energies this season will bring but you can bet this zodiac sign will handle it.

Represented by a Lion, Leos are the kings and queens of the celestial jungle. These spirited fire signs are BOLD, and as enthusiastic, theatrical, and passionate as they are, they take their royal status as a great honour.

Always full of energy, they crave excitement and like having tons of friends. Dedicated to art and creativity, these lions cultivate friendships and romances that are inspiring for the minds and hearts. Although they aren’t selfish about it, they enjoy celebrating themselves as a favourite pastime.

When we venture into the zodiac compatibility, signs like Aries and Gemini are good matches; both these signs are composed of the same element (fire). Two passionate, restless souls that respect and understand each other’s independence. Gemini and Leo, on the other hand, make great friends.

It’s said that Leos are faithful, loyal, and devoted. They are loyal friends and lovers, dedicated to the bonds they share. Every relationship is filled with dedication and love from both of them but they can become impaired by their ego, pride, and jealousy when they start to fear their star power will be eclipsed.

Celestial lions must not forget their light is never dimmed by others’ success, and their success cannot be dimmed by others’ success. The greatest threat to Leos’ happiness is their hubris.

Leos of note include Godwin Emefiele, Oluchi Onweagba, Peter Rufai, Samson Siasia, Augustine Eguavoen, Funke Akindele and Mercy Johnson.


Kanu Nwankwo
Kanu Nwankwo

“Papilo, one day I know say you go make us proud”

And make us proud he did. A true legend, both on and off the field. He’s a national treasure of Nigeria and was a thorn in the flesh of teams he squared up against. With a ball between his legs, this celestial lion was a magician on the ball, able to beat defenders with the drop of a shoulder.

He was considered one of the deadliest strikers to come out of Africa even though he now doesn’t have the medals to prove it after they were all stolen. His 1996 Olympic gold medal and outstanding professional career deserve more roses than I’m giving it considering the eventuality of his career but it was an exemplary one nonetheless.

Becoming a national star isn’t a minor feat. One must develop tough skin because people are looking to take a swipe at you and put a chink in your armour. Crowned papilo by his fans, this dainty and lanky warrior’s brace on the final in Atlanta, carved Nigeria’s name in Olympic history as the killers of gods

His marriage to a Gemini makes so much sense because they balance and match each other’s energy. Talk about a fortuitous turn of events.


Jay-Jay Okocha
Jay Jay Okocha

The tale of this warrior of a Leo is one almost as old as time. At this point, stories of his ability and prowess are folklore. Told under a full moon, with younglings surrounding an aged narrator.

Okocha. The name that puts fear in the hearts and men. Their legs trembled at the sight of this attacking midfielder. Rapid, agile and powerful are qualities lions possess and this Leo doesn’t fall too far from the tree.

His individual brilliance and the overall cohesion of the Nigerian football team had countries like Japan and Brazil eating out of the palm of their hands. Synonymous to a lion, he and his pack of Leos clinched the 1996 Olympic gold medal home after a 7-goal thriller with Brazil in the final.


Celestine Bbayaro
Celestine Babayaro

Once again, there is a Leo in the mix. At this point, I might have just struck a gold mine here. Apparently, the Nigerian team at Atlanta 96 was dripping Leos and the gold medal was just proof of that.

This powerhouse of a defender had a role to play in the gold-winning team charging from the backline to bag himself and his team 2 goals towards the tail end of the competition.

His pairing with his brother, Emmanuel Babayaro made breaking down our defence a tough nut to crack. With his resilient efforts at the defensive end, we triumphed.

Nigeria Team at Atlanta 96

Nigeria Team at Atlanta 96

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