The Archer

Sagittarius, also known as the archer, is the ninth astrological sign in the zodiac. Many people may not know this, but they are hilarious and quite prolific in their field, although, sometimes, they can be pretty chaotic. Often great conservationists ( the best of all the signs), Sagittarians tend to hold the attention of everyone in the room; they are very intellectual, fair-minded, hilarious and love freedom. Regarding their character, Sagittarians get bored quickly and are often known to have commitment phobia.


Because of their funny nature, Sagittarians tend to want someone with whom they can share humour. Although they are charming and confident, they are their partner’s number one fan, and they love to see them succeed.


If you need that friend to help you burn down an ex’s house, it’s a Sagittarius. They are non-judgmental and open-minded, so you can tell them almost everything (only because you should never tell anyone everything about yourself). They are always up for a cultural or intellectual activity, even if it means travelling for hours.


Due to their tendency to be talkative and intellectual, they make good lectures (or professors), hosts, broadcast journalists, writers or coaches. They usually are highly effective leaders.



Don Jazzy,

Don Jazzy, November 26


Flavour, November 23

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