The Top Six Best Outfits By Black Celebrities At The Vanity Fair Party

The Oscars vanity fair party was really a heated one this time around and we got to see beautiful black celebrities embodied in exquisite fashion wear that speaks loud of our culture. The vanity fair night party was held at the Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts in Beverly Hills, the annual event is a rite of passage for Oscar nominees, first-time winners and everyone in between.

The custom is when you’re done with the red carpet and event. There must be a quick wardrobe change for dancing and also slaying. We got to see some of our beautiful black celebrities in the best outfit of that night. It was really a great night and with the videos, pictures we saw on the internet, it was indeed flawless.

But, there is always few who make us jaw drop with the outfit they showcase to the world.

Here are the list of the best dressed black at tha Oscars vanity fair party.

1. “Tracee Ellis Ross” in Balmain. “No more gowns by tracee. The millinery, the cloche cape, that sateen wrap slung so nonchalantly over her trousers, the gloves! She really came heated just as howBeyoncé said in her song from the Renaissance album.

2. “Yara Shahidi” in Bottega Veneta. The Oscar after night party wouldn’t have been complete without this fuzzy cozy look from yara. It is so elegant and on point.

3. “Jodie Turner-Smith” in Gucci. Our very omen British actress turned up the heat with this dress with a touch of red glitter lipstick. The vanity fair party needed this!

4. “Donald Glover” looks super cool as ever in this Alexander McQueen suit! The vanity fair can’t be it if there isn’t a McQueen in the building. No one would have slayed it better rather than our very own actor and singer Donald glover.

5. “Michael B Jordan” in Louis Vuitton. The night wouldn’t have been a blissful one if we our very own handsome michal b Jordan didn’t storm the party rocking a perfect well crafted black suit from Louis Vuitton closet.

6. “Lucien Laviscount” wore this corset on top of a sleeveless vest, chunky bedazzled neckline, gloves, velvet pants, and chunky shoes. He really came bold that night.

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