The Evolution: How Technology Has Helped Gen Z In Fashion

There is an appetite for fashion learning online. YouTube, a product of technology, has helped many designers learn a thing or two in the fashion industry. All you need is to set a strategy, birth your concepts and ideas, work with creative fashion designers, and master the craft, and you are set to go. And for your information, the electrical sewing machine and other machines needed for creating designer outfits are made out of technology; just like the car you have and use.

With the birth of technology, online shops and stores have been created for people to shop the new designs in waves or out. Every fashion designer or company must have one. It is easier and more comfortable for both end parties. Thanks to tech companies like: flutterwave store, jumia, konga and piggy pocket store upcoming entrepreneurs in the fashion world can upload their two-piece outfits for interested buyers.

The top brands too like Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Fendi, Fenty, Prada, ATAFO, Orange Culture Nigeria, Tiahanna Empire, Balenciaga, etc., have harnessed the way technology helps the fashion world and put it to work, using the 3D design tools and others to make the design stand out.

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3D designs are mated from the metaverse, and a few years ago, it was all part of an automotive illustration. 3D fashion design technology is transforming how creatives in the apparel, fashion, and luxury (AF&L) industry approach product development, pattern making, fittings, and more. It works like magic! It helps to give a well-detailed representation of the design development process, lowering the time spent and cost as well as environmental impact.

3D and AR experiences allow fashion brands to connect with global audiences, driving stronger brand affinity. Most celebrities who go to events want to have their dresses quickly, which must be creative. The oufit Alicia Keys wore to the MET Gala was imprinted on a 3D clothing design software that showed the Empire State Building.

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The 3D technology is sufficient and can bring reality design to life. Companies such as Adidas, Hugo Boss, Louis Vuitton, and many others are adopting 3D solutions as part of their design workflow. Gen Z cloth designers shouldn’t feel left behind because the machine that makes the cloth is very available, and there are different kinds in the industry. All it needs is innovative creatives that will birth unique ideas, so when technology comes in contact with the concept, there is no stopping them.

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