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The journey from pregnancy to motherhood is a tasking one that women experience differently. This week’s SoroSókè Downtown features the extremely likeable Mariam Bakre, also known as Mory Coco. A content creator, YouTuber, show anchor, a woman of faith and recent mum; she takes us through her evolution from internet sensation with hundreds of thousands of followers to a brand new mom with a baby girl.

Tell us a bit about what growing up was like for you.

Growing up was mostly hopeful for me. I grew up in Surulere, Lagos. On days that I could, I spent a lot of time watching The KKB Show and Fuji House of Commotion wondering and hoping to be a part of those shows. I wanted to be a child star so badly. I would watch these shows, and when no one was looking, I would act out the things I saw. I had a music book as well *laughs* I still have it! I would compose songs and write with the hope that I’ll be the first female of MAVIN then MOHITS (that was before Tiwa came into the picture of course). I was such a big dreamer! Even though nobody knew about it because I kept to myself a lot but as a child, I spent a lot of time dreaming of becoming a gigantic star.

What piqued your interest in content creation?

Like I said I wanted to be a child star so bad. I just needed a platform, someone to believe in me, someone to take a chance on me, anyone! When social media became a viral thing, I had already given up on music, by the way, *laughs* I was almost burying my zeal to become a creator, I still acted though; when no one was looking. My husband, then-boyfriend, would say things like “Babe you’ve got such a star potential,” or “I swear babe you have the tendency to blow you just have to tap into the potential,” or he would say things like “Babe you’re sleeping on yourself, I swear” *laughs* after a year of telling me how much of a star material I am, I finally decided to remove my IG from private and took the bold step of creating content. I started with original motivational quotes, modest fashion, then comical contents, now I do a blend of all three.

What inspires your hilarious content ideas?

To be honest, the ideas just come, sometimes it’s my but most times, the ideas just come to me while randomly sitting or laying down or bathing.

What was your time at Kraks TV as a presenter like?

I wasn’t only a presenter, I was a content creator/writer, social media manager, and at some point also Admin. At the time I was at Kraks, it was a start-up, we were trying to put a system in place, so I had the opportunity to work in different departments of the company. It’s an experience I’m always going to be grateful for.
So tell us how you met your husband Femi. Did it start as an office romance?
We were friends way before I started working for Kraks *laughs* it didn’t start as an office romance. We met through my cousin. They did their orientation camp together.
Your brother-in-law is Tobi of Big Brother Naija. What’s that relationship like?
That’s the big brother I never had! He’s such a supportive and kind soul!

What’s your idea of mummy-daughter time?

We have a lot of mummy-daughter time, but my favourite bonding time is shower/bath time, the water splashing, how cute she looks with soap bubbles wrapped around her head always melts my heart!
It’s your first mother’s day, does it feel different from any other day to you?
Definitely does! My life has taken a turn for good! After Faizah, I feel like a mum, I’m a mum! Although sometimes in my head I still feel like a child kind of *laughs* My dad always says my baby now has a baby *laughs*
Tell us about your pregnancy. What were some of the surprises you faced but weren’t prepared for?
With pregnancy, I was prepared for almost everything, it’s with the postpartum recovery that I got the shock of my life. From breastfeeding to psychological healing etc.

You have flawless skin. What’s your skincare routine?

I think genes play a huge role to be honest because the amount of sun I’ve entered in my life is something else. But yeah now, I just maintain it with my sunscreen, a good moisturizer, toner, serum and exfoliation.
Do you see yourself branching out into the movie industry someday? I say that because there’s a new trend of starring social media skit makers/content creators in movies and you’re just as hilarious if not more. Have you ever been offered a movie role?
I definitely would be branching out into movies by God’s grace. I got two movie role offers from two of my favourite movie directors. The first one I was 6 months pregnant and swollen *laughs* so I couldn’t take it, the second one, I had just recently had a baby so I couldn’t take it, but, if anything it makes me more hopeful to work harder.

What is Faizah’s [Mory’s daughter] favourite toy?

She doesn’t have a favourite toy per se. She has a favourite storybook though even though she gets distracted before we are halfway through, and she enjoys watching and listening to nursery rhymes.

What were her first words? Did you get it on camera?

She said “Mama” *laughs*, we were too busy jumping and screaming that it didn’t occur to us to record it.
What was a pregnancy experience that you expected to be difficult but found easy and vice versa?
To be honest, I thought I would have cravings because I had heard so much about it, but I didn’t particularly have any cravings.

Who is going to be the stricter parent?

It’s hard to tell yet, we’re both reasonable parents, so if the child can make an intelligent case, then they win *laughs*
Were you spanked as a kid? Is that a parenting style you feel is necessary?
My grandma’s abara (back slap) still rings loud in my brain and no I don’t think it’s necessary.

Can you tell us your most hilarious experience during pregnancy?

Well, it wasn’t funny then, but we can laugh about it now. I had sent my husband to buy me ice cream, on his way back he branched at the carpenters, so my ice cream melted a bit and was not the consistency I wanted and that was how I started crying. He felt so helpless *laughs*.

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Self-identifies as a middle child between millennials and the gen Z, began writing as a 14 year-old. Born and raised in Lagos where he would go on to obtain a degree in the University of Lagos, he mainly draws inspiration from societal issues and the ills within. His "live and let live" mantra shapes his thought process as he writes about lifestyle from a place of empathy and emotional intelligence. When he is not writing, he is very invested in football and sociopolitical commentary on social media.

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