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Looking back, you can’t help but cringe at what our predecessors used as an alternative to lubes. Although they began the journey to sexual satisfaction, not all made it to the end.

The Greeks – who happened to be huge sex enthusiasts – used olive oil to anoint their genitalia to get the avalanche of sexual juices flowing.

The Edo people of Japan weren’t far behind when it came to sex albeit threading a different path. They turned to the sea for a solution and derived a gelatinous substance called carrageenan from seaweed. And if you think that was weird, a paste-like replacement called tororo-jiru might change that. Made from grated yams, this lube doesn’t exist anymore and is now a popular soup in Japan. As centuries went on, more appropriate solutions sprung up, some of which retained properties from the past.

Some lube and condoms which lay idle in drawers and nightstands – until called upon – contain carrageenan. A widely less commercialized option would be saliva. Something that had and is still the default source of lubrication. A form of lube I have used one too many times. But there was a time I wished I had had some lube. I was in my second or third year in university and at the time, I was in a situationship with a nympho – credit to her by the way for all these great stories – and at that time all we did was just have sex like rabbits on viagra.

Her roommate had gone home for the weekend and sex was all that was on our weekend itinerary. And at the time, I was just excited to have sex and I had packed all the essentials for the journey ahead. I got down from the Okada, paid and walked into her hostel. Once I got in, this girl was all ready for me and my penis.

There and then, the first round began. The first bled into the second and then the third. Right when I was getting into the groove of it, her insides started feeling less slippery and more painful for everyone.
Taking the initiative, I hurled all the saliva my parched throat could generate and smeared it all over our genitals but it wasn’t enough. Arched in the doggy position, she handed me some water as an unlikely and unheard-of alternative. Right after I had smuggled some gulps of water, I doused what was left of it on her lady part but that didn’t help either. Our sex up until the eve of Sunday was stuttered until we agreed to go get some olive oil from the pharmacy. On that weekend was when I realised; after sperm all that’s left is air. Just painful pleasure, pain and nothing but air. Just like a ball getting deflated. With the different sexual proclivities roaming wildly and freely in the world now the lube industry has done well to evolve with it. How it has done that, you’d soon find out.

What Is Lube And Why Is It Necessary?

I’ve heard people naively express their distaste for lube without ever trying or having a tangible and coherent reason—something not entirely out of place amongst our species.

The personal lubricant was created to wring out the best possible pleasure out of sex and prevent vaginal dryness. I’m speaking from experience when I say, no matter how horny and eager both parties are to have sex, neither of them can account for vaginal dryness. When that happens, trust that thirst will get defenestrated—hence the need for it.

What Types Are There?

When selecting the lube that’s right for you, you’ll want to consider the different types available.

• Water
• Silicone
• Oil
• Hybrid

Water-Based Lubes

Made from H2O, A water-based lube has the advantage of being able to be used for practically any activity you can imagine – even activities that involve silicone toys. The popularity of this type of lube is based on three reasons: You can be rest assured it wouldn’t stain your garments, it is easy on the skin, and it is easily removed with water. Good options would be Lube Life Water-Based Lubricant and Shibari Personal Lubricant.

Silicone-Based Lubes

Perhaps you’ve found your perfect match if you’re looking for something that doesn’t need reapplying as often. A silicone-based lube usually lasts longer, is thicker, and silkier. If you’re one how loves shower sex then hurdle up because this type of lube would stop the party from going and going and going. You can keep going till mama calls. Uberlube and Replens Lubricant are sufficient to keep the party going.

Oil-Based Lubes

In contrast, oil-based lubes are thicker, but do not last as long as the others. Massage time just got better as oil-based lubes can also be sexy and fun despite their usual job. One notable con would be being wary of stains using it. O Organic Oil-based Lubricant from AstroGlide and All-Natural Intimate Moisturizer, Lubricant from Coco Bliss are excellent choices.

Hybrid Lubes

These lubricants are a mixture of silicone and water-based formulas; they last longer than water-based lubes, but are not as thick. Sliquid Silk Hybrid Lube and Jo Hybrid 4 Oz Lubricant are solid options.


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