She Reins Supreme

If you ask me, there are very few things I find sexier than a lady who knows what she wants…in the bedroom.

Yes, it’s nice to be dominant you know; be that alpha male exhibiting that raw and sweaty macho side. But have you had your female partner relieve you of that stress and take control? I mean, she instigates the whole thing from make-out to climax, all her. For some men, this is their reality. Their skin glistens, it feels like a weight has been lifted off their shoulder and they just resonate pure mental comfort. As for other men and women who are foreign to giving or receiving this kind of energy, I say, ‘Welcome to a New Frontier.’ This has nothing to do with whips, sticks, and stones but your female partner hitting acceleration on her sexual desires, following them through, and then, proceeding to ‘have sex’ with the man— with consent. I’d say that energy is reinvigorating, to say the least. And for a woman, being the first to instigate the next quickie on the kitchen tabletop or making your man a little late for work with fellatio, gives you some emotional grip in the relationship. Sometimes, you need to let go of your inhibitions, show him how fun you can be! It might not be your cup of coffee but do it anyway.

Men are always horny and that’s a fact. Some just have a better way of hiding it and conveying it when necessary. It’s in our innate nature to sniff out such scenarios and approach accordingly and with consent. Back in the day, I was seen as a shy, innocent and timid kid. A ajebutter in every sense of the word. While I was a few of those things, one thing I was not was innocent. I had just met this girl and our initial conversation went swimmingly. It had blossomed and grown into beautiful conversations that led to us being close. She was with someone and if I had any other feelings other than platonic, I was too reticent to say anything about it. And she was smitten and too in love to want anything more or so it thought.

“Where are you? Please come over, I need to see you” were all the words I could decipher. The noisy chaos that was tired university students and her incoherence made it hard to hear her. I had just finished a class on a hot Monday afternoon and that was Kiki’s umpteenth call. Her boyfriend had called it quits with her some weeks ago and I was her shoulder to cry on.

It was my job to cheer her up and keep a smile on her face. I enjoyed her company so spending time with her wasn’t a bore. Over the phone, she sounded distraught, short of breath, and out of sorts. All the signs of heartache and emotional hurt. I knew I had to be there for her.

Chugging on a glass of water after what turned out to be a draining long walk to hers, she tells me she saw him with the ex he told her not to fuss over— it’s always the exes ladies. Two hours later, I want to leave. I would have pulled my hair out if I heard Soji one more time. “You need someone to bang him out of your senses my dear” I finally responded after a series of monosyllabic replies. “I’m going home, I have things to do. Let’s talk tomorrow.” I added, just as I got up to gather my things. She didn’t say anything so I said my goodbyes and left. Not less than 30 seconds after I left, I got a shocking text from her that read “would u?”

Somehow, my two legs, plus the third found their way back to her room. My brain, on the other hand, was still striving to make sense of it all; Is this right? this can’t be, right? Questions darted around in my head as she pulled down my shorts and slotted my member into her mouth. As much as I wanted Kiki, I didn’t want her like this; vulnerable, unguarded, and imprudent. But she didn’t see things that way hastily and impetuously she pulled her gown to her abdomen and begged me to “bang her out of her senses.” She got creative with my phallus, her soft hand curled around its trunk and she slightly pleased her sensitive clitoris with it. As I stuttered and shuddered each upshot, she used my penis to blissfully delight her insides. She had given it a thought countless times and everyone already assumed we were sleeping together so, why not.

I didn’t end up going home that night and we had sex like clockwork till the next morning. Of course, we took breaks to hydrate and clean up, but it never disrupted the frequency of each round. We were at it like jackrabbits in mating season. Because she came with her I-know-what-I-want-sexually energy, each round was better than the last one. She suggested sex positions to try out and she always arched her back all the whole way when she needed to. Her show of dominance was getting on top. Either in regular cowgirl or the reverse style, she was the star of the show, and her overeager breasts cheered her on.

Breaking the monotony of sex is necessary for spicing up a relationship. Not all lovemaking should be instigated by the man, done on a bed, or with the lights turned off. Grab your partner and get him off in his car today and break the yoke of routine today!

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