Quality Education, Key To The Nigeria of Our Dreams

The impact of education both in an individual’s life and society at large cannot be swept aside. As a matter of fact, the limitations that we face as humans are primarily due to a lack of quality education. It is not difficult to clock. Our entire life experience is based on interactions with our environment. How do you communicate, how do you negotiate, and how do you make immediate changes within your immediate surroundings?

We can’t shy away from the importance of quality education. Whether formal or vocational education, the concept of learning life skills, be it arithmetic and verbal reasoning or a skill, is essential to our survival. Think about everything you have learnt from infancy until now, and then juxtapose it with what life would be like if you hadn’t learnt to read and write. You will probably have no business reading this article in the first place.

international day of education

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The number of out-of-school kids is on a steady rise, the quality of teachers is nothing to write home about, and the administrations of the available government-funded schools are clouded by a resounding nonchalance that could care less about the pupils’ wellbeing. Gone are the days when public schools held a certain prestige that dared to rival private schools for excellence. Today, the gulf in class could not be any wider. Sending your children to public schools today basically means that you don’t have the means to give them a better education. But it doesn’t have to be that way. It is no surprise that the cost of education in Nigeria is quite alarming. A large portion of the population cannot afford private tuition, so depending on the government, education at federal and state levels is a reality most people have no choice but to live with, from primary to tertiary level.

We often talk a lot about how Nigeria gets many things wrong. Healthcare, infrastructures, policies, electricity, job creation, and so on are sectors that have been further compromised through the years, throwing Africa’s largest economy into a deep albatross with little or no inkling of how to get out of it when all along, the solution to all of this mess is a focus on education. Think about the positive change we can achieve in years to come if we educate many children, affording them the power to be innovative and problem solvers. When you arm children with the knowledge required to make better life decisions, there’s no questioning the positive ripple effect that will be directly triggered as a result of that.

international day of education

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When you tell a child that they are the future of tomorrow, it is only ideal that you put a system in place to fast-track and not defer that future. Still the bane of her existence, Nigeria hasn’t found a solution to the education crisis that has plagued the country to this very day. But if we are ever going to turn the fortune of this country around someday, it cannot be without placing a significant focus on education.

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